Beth's Alleged "Giggling" Bagman

GA would like to thank Joe Branco for singing to The Horse, albeit a couple of years late. GA finds that very curious, but... first things first.

Rabbi Rob Scheinberg
Remember the Nazi Truck, deployed by the Move Forward campaign in the 2012 BoE election?   It played a video on 5 giant screens; the video  falsely stated I was the Kids First Graphic Designer, publicized allegations in Lane and Kim Cardinal Bajardi's newly-filed defamation suit, and interspersed my image with swastikas. It had a blaring audio, to boot.

Oh yeah; 5 days before the Nazi truck appeared, thousands of midnight flyers blanketed our city with my name and photo, attacking me with the same allegations that were to appear days later on the Nazi truck video.

The Nazi truck parked outside my daughter's school on the night of October 16, 2012 and drove around Hoboken, up and down Washington Street and parked in front of Carlos' Bakery on October 17, 2012.  And Hoboken's Jewish community were outraged; Chabad Rabbi Moshe Schapiro told The Hoboken Reporter:
“I’ve seen pictures and I think it’s despicable. I’m appalled and shocked that anyone can use an image of such hatred and bigotry. I don’t know whose side, what side, if they’re repeating something, but how can one be so insensitive to Holocaust survivors who will walk by, or people who had grandparents who survived the camps, and have to witness such an image driving around the city?”

He added, “Whoever is responsible should immediately remove it and apologize. I am shocked this could happen in this day and age. In other countries it’s a crime to use that image. We have freedom of speech, but a million and a half Jewish babies were killed…this is not something that should be used for some political gain.”
Beth and Ricky Mason's rabbi, Robert Scheinberg, of The United Synagogue of Hoboken asked that the images be removed and whomever is responsible apologize.

Well, now we know who is (allegedly) responsible... 

A startling interview posted on MSV last night has alleged who is responsible for the Nazi truck- James Barracato, longtime Beth Mason political operative whom she now calls her "business partner."   Horsey interviewed Noel Torres, the owner/driver of the Nazi Truck. In part, he told MSV:
"I only met James. He hired me. I met up with him by the Lincoln Tunnel gas station...  He didn't want no one to see him or this stuff...  Matt Calicchio was with him. They were giggling about it; they were excited about it. I didn't know what I was getting into. It went pretty bad."
Torres also told told MSV he was paid in cash; given "$2,000 for the first attack video, $1500 plus a $500 bonus as he described it "to keep this quiet."" 

In other words, Beth Mason's 'bag-man' allegedly gave Torres 'hush money'.

So Barracato was "giggling"?

Is he giggling still?

Well folks, GA has broken it down for you below in 3 parts- by no means the entire story, nor all of the evidence available to tell the whole story; there is much more. But, for starters:

You get the picture?

As for Branco stepping forward to deliver this tale, GA believes there must be more to it than meets the eye.

So, will Beth Mason give that apology requested by her rabbi two years ago?


  1. Lane Bajardi was employed at 1010WINS in 2012. Bajardi was working as a news radio anchor at the time Barracato sent him Pincus.mp4 and told him it was good to go. Then HE sues YOU???? It should have been the other way around! Is it too late?

  2. GA,
    Look up "intentional infliction of emotional distress." You may have a sound legal claim. Loyal Reader

  3. Nancy,

    Up until last week I had no knowledge of who actually hired Noel or how much he was paid.. Noel and I spoke and he stated he felt remorseful about that whole incident. He said he wanted to set the record straight. I forwarded his number to Roman. That's it. Roman interviewed him and called me afterwards for a comment. I wanted to get to the bottom of this just like everyone else did and truly know who was behind this travesty. You and I might disagree 99% of the time and we can agree to disagree on positions on politics and policies in town but we can both agree this was a disgrace to our entire community and those responsible should be held accountable.
    You and Roman both associated me with this incident from the very beginning and from the very beginning I stated I had nothing to do it, in its entirety I would like closure on this matter.

    1. Joe,

      You would like closure; I would like an apology. What you call an "incident" was an abuse against me in my community- that includes the midnight flyers, hundreds of which were left on my street alone for my neighbors and 10 year old to see.

    2. I agree, you are owed and apology by the ones who are responsible, at the same time I'm owed an apology for being falsely accused.

    3. YOU are responsible. It was YOUR campaign. YOU were co-manager. It is absolute BS you "didn't know" about the truck. I know for a fact about a strategy meeting" of YOUR campaign where the continuation of the truck was discussed. Oh yes. Whether or not your fingerprints are on the cash given to your friend Mr. Torres. I am sure you didn't "know" about the midnight fliers either, right? I guess you believe the army who hung up signs in the middle of the night and stuck them all over Hoboken should apologize.

      This is a waste of my time. A person of character would take responsibility for the actions of his campaign. I was not on any campaign in 2012 so the acts your campaign committed against me were purely abusive.

      If you think you are owed an apology by me, you are nuts.

    4. And while you are apologizing, you can apologize to my kid, who was hurt by your disgusting campaign.

    5. Joe it was MSV that asked you for comment on the Nazi Truck's first visit back in October 2012. That's the only published record it appears of you saying you had nothing to do with the Nazi Truck.

      Both you and Beth Mason were invited to comment at that time. MSV published exactly that. MSV later referenced a Grafix Avenger story after the election. MSV did not accuse you of anything "from the very beginning" and only wrote exactly what you said.

      As for an apology, you were the co-campaign manager of the BoE Move Forward campaign. My picture and phone number was put on the video of the Nazi Truck's third and fourth visits to Hoboken.

      If anyone should be apologizing.... it's not this horse.

    6. I for one find it impossible to believe that Joe Branco did not know what was being done. He worked side by side with these people for far too long .
      The statement above seems like a not to clever attempt to hedge admitting that.
      Word is that Joe wants to run for City Council and wants this Nazi truck shit stain off his record.

  4. Branco's campaign that sponsored the truck. He was co-manager with terry's son. The hell he didn't know about the truck and if he didn't know he should have, and is still responsible for what HIS campaign does. you had no role in the kids first campaign. if he were a man, he would have apologized to you a long time ago. he and baby castellano have no balls.

  5. Well well well. . .it sure is something to see who all was involved. This is much bigger than just one or two people.

    Oh, and Joe, you're nuts if you think Nancy owes you an apology.

  6. Like Bajardi's anti-Semitic blog postings and the Nazi fliers and this truck, these all spring from the Mason cesspool. Whatever that insane shiksa did to "convert", it didn't work and she and her husband, as the source of the funds for these shameful acts, should be treated as herem. Is Rabbi Scheinberg or anyone at United Synagogue outraged enough yet, or are the Mason's ostentatious donations to the temple too hard to walk away from?

  7. Why now? Where was Mr. Branco's condemnation of the Nazi truck and flyers at the time? It would be an understatement to say that it's hard to take this sudden concern with setting the straight seriously. Not that anyone is buying what's being sold (the story doesn't add up and proves nothing). So again why now? Damage control ahead of something else? Or a desperate attempt to kiss and make up with reform for something else? Again why now?

    1. IMO, there is no making up. It just isn't possible. I would never trust any of the people associated w/ some of those last few campaigns that ran against reformers. Just looking back at the tactics of the campaigns and the tactics of some of the supporters of those campaigns, we all know things were done in a rather scummy matter. The Nazi Truck is far from the only incident. It is just the most visible incident.

  8. Castellano's Baby BoyFebruary 26, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    Is mommy proud lil John's campaign hired a nazi truck?

  9. Joe is Joe. He's always been about sucking up to those who he think will win an election. He knows Mason is done. I am sure there's a lot more great stuff coming. The emails already show Russo as complicit in the mason camp strategies. Where's he going to go? Reading the tea leaves. Just like he slid in right before or after her 2009 election. Worth a shot right?

  10. I stand ready to defend this citizen videographer against these scurrilous allegations. Please contact me at JayZeke, Master Litigator dotcom if you want to see the true power of my magic thinking in action. Just ask my other satisfied clients.... Wait, don't do that. But how's this for a start:

    I now direct your attention to my client's Facebook page.

    Save for a lovely Christmas dinner with James Barracato and Matt Calicchio of Nazi truck fame.... Here you'll find little else but countless examples of a man always taking the side of the little guy against the rich and powerful. Albeit in a self-satisfied, inconsequential, cut-and-paste sort of way.

    Yet today my client is under a cloud of dyspicion (a combination of dyspepsia and suspicion) for accepting endless sums of money from a rich and powerful client. In part, this utter fabrication continues, we are to believe my client assisted the rich broad in attacking a private citizen who dared to exercise rights of free speech to criticize his deep-pocketed benefactor.

    It is further claimed... that my client showed cynical disregard for one of democracy's finest products, the public meetings of an unpaid board charged with ensuring the long-term interests of a city. Instead, my client showed up week in week out to aim a camera at his rich and powerful patron's critic as the latter attempted to perform the uncompensated but very important duty entrusted to her by the public

    Did my client care about the others present, the applicants and the concerned neighborhood residents who had actual business with the board, and all of whom had waited months for this meeting and deserved the full attention of every board member?

    Did my client bother to think about how staggeringly inappropriate it was for a sitting member of the city's governing body to be paying him to contaminate one of that city's public meetings with her incredibly expensive all-consuming spite?

    NO! He left is cut-and-paste platitudes about democracy at the door and did the bidding his rich patron paid him to do! Screw the applicants and the professionals they paid to represent their interests, screw the concerned citizens, screw the city. Screw everyone but his rich, spite-driven paymaster!

    Therefore, at this time, I would like to enter a plea of insanity on behalf of my client. Only a crazy person could possibly be as hypocritical as he would need to be to have done what he is presumed to have done.

    I rest my case. Score another one for Jay Zeke, Master Litigator!

    Cash only. Have a litigious day!

    1. Ha! Litigious nitwits out there: the above comment is SATIRE.

      For the record either or both Brendels (but usually Barry's son, Tim) showed up and filmed me (for an hour or two) at 1 year of zoning board meetings, beginning on March 27, 2012. Their footage was used on the Nazi Truck. Now, the Brendels were not there to film the full meeting or a full zoning application; they would come and go at the beginning, middle or end of the meeting. They'd sit there in a crowd (or an empty room) and point their camera lens at me. It became a running joke on the board- that whoever sat next to me would wind up in a Beth Mason feature film. Our board attorney acknowledged to me privately it was harassment, but could do nothing because members of the public are allowed to film meetings. Well, I tuned them out after the first time, so they just looked like dopes there with their camera(s) aimed at me.

      As you satirically pointed out, Mason's effort to distract a zoning commissioner during a public meeting for no other purpose than to collect stock footage for a Nazi Truck is a craven abuse of the Applicants who spent time and money for their Applications to be heard.

      As you can see, Mason pumped money through her 2011 Municipal Campaign as "in kind" contributions to the company who filmed me for a year of zoning board meetings, sent "Pincus.mp4" to James Barracato who then sent it to Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi with the message "good to go!"

      And they call Reformers "bullies?"

  11. Anybody know if the Masons apologized yet to the rabbi/congregation for the Nazi Truck?

  12. Mr. Branco,

    I will accept your assertion that you didn't know.

    But as the co-manager of the campaign, why didn't you know?

    When the truck made its first appearance why didn't you manage the campaign so that there was no visits from the truck?

    This much time latter you want to get to the bottom of it, but what about when it started and could be stopped?

    1. I keep asking and I keep getting no response. Those campaign filings ever get filed? Because quite honestly, any campaign manager that can't get the filings in should permanently just stay the hell away from politics. Still waiting for the filings and I do hope they reflect all expenditures and in kind contributions for the campaign.


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