So-called HHA Hypocrisy

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Hey, it's GA of the so-called Chosen People checking in!  How are you on this fine, so-called day?

Strangely enough, this morning I found myself drawn to a so-called German Shepherd.  He was on a leash.  Well, I wasn't drawn to it but it seems my inner cave girl was feeling lonely... so I reached into my pocket to entice him with a so-called dog biscuit, then remembered I don't have a dog.  Lucky thing.

Here's the so-called reason...

See what I mean? 

Now,  the so-called leader of the Hoboken Housing Authority Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association knows a lot about the so-called Chosen (my people).

In fact, I was just going through some of my old Playdog Centerfolds, to figure out which I'd most like to distinctly lick my festering sores.  It was tough.

There was Mr. March...

He looks like he could handle at least a half-a-dozen festering sores.

Then there's Mr. October...

I'll bet he's never turned down a so-called consenting sore.

Or Mr. May...

 My goodness, he's just begging for a tap on a so-called willing festering sore.

But, ya know there's too much of a good thing....

Mr. July could use some some hair of the so-called dog.

Well, a lonely cave consort could have lots of fun with Mr. September... just remember gals, to B.Y.O.F.L. (Bring Your Own Fig Leaf) and B.Y.O.F.S. (Bring Your Own Festering Sores).

Ladies, are you in touch with your inner cave gal? 

Neither am I.


  1. GA is this a classic.

  2. woof, woof, so many too choose from. perhaps sigsby should choose for us, jewish woman, since he knows so much about us.

  3. In the Hoboken Patch article, it read: "At the Jan. 9 Hoboken Housing Authority meeting, Councilman David Mello attempted to remove the first black chairman of the Hoboken Housing Authority, inciting a riot with the residents of the Housing Authority." What riot with the residents of the HA are they talking about? They threaten tenants with bodily harm and eviction for attending HHA meetings, then the Carmelitos announce they represent the HHA, because they are the only ones who show up. I should know about this because I live in the HHA and have never attended a single meeting since Garcia became HHA director, although my girlfriend and I used to attend meetings before. Let me, qualify the statement, I attempted to go to an HHA meeting when Garcia became director, but after being threatened with bodily harm, I left. The Carmelitos do not represent the HHA. They are a paid front group. They're task is to dissuade residents from speaking up or attending meetings. They're task is also to be involved with promoting VBMs and anti-Semitic propaganda aimed of course at the Zimmer administration and anyone else who stands in the way of Garcia getting his cut of Vision $/$. Trust me what Sigsby writes is harmless (and pretty comical) in comparison to the virulently violent, racist, anti-Semetic rhetoric that goes around by the Carmelitos. Notice that Garcia never censors nor makes apologies for the tenant advisory board. Come to think of it, who appoints that board?

  4. How can anyone take Mr. Cheatham seriously? Mr. Cheatham is an open racist. All you need to do is read what he posts on Facebook. Yet, this racists plays the race card for Carmelo by accusing others of racism, specifically people like David Mello's who has done everything possible to defend public housing from being destroyed and turned over to private developers. As to Rob Davis, whom he supports, because he's black. He forgets that he's an Oreo: Black on the outside, white on the inside. For Shame!


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