Ruben and Ethics

"You cannot legislate character... it's not going to stop me from accepting an illegal bribe from someone"
-Ruben Ramos, June 5, 2007

Congratulations, Ruben Ramos!  Today you issued the funniest press release since your last one.

Hearing you scold Ravi Bhalla on ethics is like a Pol Pot lecture on table manners.  This is the same Ruben Ramos who stood side-by-side with ex-felon Peter Cammarano mocking Pay-to-Play law,  proclaiming no law could  stop him from taking an illegal bribe?

Don't sprain your finger from wagging, Ruben.  GA hears that you are collecting a full time teaching salary from Paterson, New Jersey in absentia while Paterson is forced to pay a substitute teacher to cover for you, WHILE you collect a hefty salary from the NJ State Assembly.   ka ching ka ching.

Ask the folks of Paterson who are paying two teaching salaries for one teacher what they think about your ethics.  You can't be both in the Assembly in Trenton and a classroom in Paterson at the same time, yet you're paid for both.

That's what GA calls double-dipping from the public teat.

Oink, oink!

And what was the first patronage position cut by State Fiscal Monitor Judy TripodiYour mom's. Hoboken taxpayers had furnished a salary north of $90K/year as Director of Constituent Services- whatever that is. 

You seem to mistake New Jersey taxpayers for an employment agency, and have no shame collecting multiple paychecks from us.   

Some ethics.

Of course it's mean season, but perhaps there are genuine policy disagreements between Ravi and yourself to attack rather than low-road mud slinging and pile-on with the One Hoboken party bus.

Ravi is an accomplished, respected man in our community, whose achieved in the private sector because he is an excellent lawyer.  Why the Ramos and Raia people have tried to wreck Bhalla's career and employability is beyond comprehension and the voters will remember how low you have sank.

Mindak, Miani and Gonzales: so what if you didn't sign Ramos' attack on Bhalla. Your silence speaks volumes.



  1. can you confirm that he is on the payroll at Paterson? Does he ever go to class - ie, is he there for 2 weeks then the sub comes in for 2 weeks?

    please find out the specifics.

    1. Yes, I am told he does go to class and to Trenton, when he is in Trenton the district brings in a sub. Ramos is paid nonetheless a full-time time salary and the district eats the cost for the sub.

  2. Hurricane SANDY used to flood Ruben's family's wallet with city money for her no-show job!

  3. Ramos is paid $55,931 per year as a teacher.

  4. I'm told that's with Beth pays her toady and he doesn't have to go to Trenton or to Paterson everyday


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