GA Notifies Media about Mason Lies

Here is what Councilwoman Beth Mason emailed to numerous media outlets yesterday:

screenshot courtesy of MSV

Here's what GA emailed to all of those media outlets today:

From: Nancy Pincus []
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:28
To:;;;;;;;; asullivan
Subject: Correction to Councilwoman Mason's False Allegation

It's been brought to my attention that a false allegation about myself was disseminated to various media outlets by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason yesterday. She had copied these media outlets on an email to Hoboken Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Mason falsely alleged, "One (blogger) of which you paid to serve as the web administrator to your website." I am that un-named blogger. Here is the truth.
  • In early 2010 started a web site for the Cunningham's 2011 municipal campaign. It was a single page, Flash animation, and never finished. The page was parked on my personal domain End of story. I am not a web host. I am not a web administrator. The site was never finished. I was not "paid" for anything by anyone. I have NEVER administrated nor hosted ANY WEB SITE for Cunningham, nor any Hoboken politician. Please note Ms. Mason used the same lie on her 'Nazi Truck', for the 2012 School Board 'Move Forward' campaign (Nazi truck video furnished upon request).

  • Ms. Mason's email notes "These individuals (bloggers Roman Brice and myself) are being sued for $2 million". Partially true. There are a total of 22 Defendants in this litigation- Roman Brice and myself, 10 John Does, 12 Screen Name Defendants, the $2 million dollar demand is per Defendant, and all Defendants are pro-administration bloggers critical of Councilwoman Beth Mason. This is a lawsuit drenched in politics, executed by longtime political operatives of the Councilwoman.
As I cannot discuss this matter in litigation, please find attached letter from my attorney which summarizes my legal position. Further, my motions are public documents posted at
I am giving notice that any 'facts' (or allegations) you receive from James Barracato, Councilwoman Mason, and her operatives with respect to me cannot be trusted as true and accurate. Proper due diligence on the part of the media will prevent publication of false, defamatory or libelous information, and I urge you to be careful and responsible about repeating information you receive about me from these sources. 
Best regards,
Nancy Pincus


  1. That's a lovely letter you have up there. Thank you very much Grafix Avenger!

    1. Mike's the best. No dumpster diving for me.

      Thank you very much Horsey!

    2. Thank you very much, prosbus!


      Bob R

  2. Mason depends upon media manipulation. What she cannot control she (tries to) extinguish. Like you and Roman.

    She gained control over h411 but destroyed its audience. Her operatives burn with hate and envy. She grows more hated and isolated with each failed political scheme. Your lawsuit, now the assault on Bhalla. Sick bitch.

  3. What do we have to do to start the recall? Enough is enough. Let's send her packing. Who is a good go-to person to get this rolling. Need a leader to step forward.

  4. Lane Bajardi of 1010WINS radio and Kim Cardinal Bajardi have a lot of 'splainin to do. Please film the depos. We want to see em.

  5. I just noticed she cc'd hudsoncountytv. Is that her tv station? LOL


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