Patch: Branco Funding Bus to Jake's House

From a source on the Dark Side

The cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

Thanks to Zak  Koeske, whose article, "Housing Authority Residents Taking Vision 20/20 Protest to Commissioner's Pa. Home exposes who is underwriting the Field Trip to Philly,  which appears to be an intimidation scheme to bully Jake off of the HHA.
“I think Jake feels left out, that nobody’s protesting in front of his house in Pennsylvania,” Branco continued. “So tonight, I am going to pay for the bus with money out of my pocket so we can go to Pennsylvania to Jake’s house so his neighbors can see what Jake does to us in Hoboken.” 
Some believe Branco has been posting on Patch under the screen name  'Dov Aaronson'... 

and 'cindy goldberg'...

Whomever is blogging under a potpourri of Jewish surnames, they are "proud to be guiding the residents of the HHA" and are picking targets of  future protests: "maybe we should protest by Nancy next..." and are underwriting out-of-state sojourns:   "I am going to pay for the bus with money out of my pocket so we can go to Pennsylvania to Jake’s house so his neighbors can see what Jake does to us in Hoboken.” 

Oops, that last one was Joe Branco, for sure.   The others?   Hmmm...

Back to the article, what jumped out at me was this:
“I will not be resigning,” said Stuiver, who added that Garcia reached out to him after Thursday’s meeting and asked him to step down before escalating tensions with residents get out of control.
You get it?

Garcia's BFF throws down the gauntlet to bring a bus full of protesters to Jake's suburban home in Pennsylvania, then Branco's BFF calls Jake and asks him to resign "before things get out of control."

Jake has a young daughter and a baby at home.

Both Garcia and Branco will be held legally responsible if  things "get out of control" not the HHA residents being incited and transported by them.

HHA residents, you have been lied to about the words and intentions of those who advocate for your rights for better, safe, sanitary housing. on the blogs.

GA has not "lied" that the HHA plan surrounds proposed buildings with parking lots, not green space.  Do you know that?  Look at the plan. The parking lots are shaded in red. 

2.    Pedestrian Accidents in Parking/Parking Lots Involving Children
NHTSA estimates that 22 percent (more than one-fifth) of children between ages 5 and 9 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Most of these accidents occurred because drivers failed to see kids while backing up their vehicles.

GA invites all HHA residents to read this blog to see that I advocate for you and your safety - good public schools, safe buildings with fire protection, development that is safe, and oversight for how HUD money is being spent.  It should ALL be spent on the upkeep of your facilities.  Is it?

In 2011, Executive Director Garcia spent $385K on vinyl flooring for 10 elevators.

The cost of vinyl flooring in 10 elevators!
There is no scenario that I can think of where 48 square foot vinyl floor installation in an elevator cab should cost $38.5K.  None.

The Hurricane Sandy gut renovation of my entire first floor cost the same as the HHA spent on rubber floor in one elevator. One. My home is 125 years old (built in 1888) but because it's been maintained by owners over the century it's in clean, safe, sound condition.

So when GA asks questions like, why is the HHA spending $385K for vinyl flooring in 10 elevators instead of using that money on building maintenance, I do that FOR HHA residents. 

GA has asked if the HHA buildings been properly maintained, then why were 6 building without working generators?  And lacked fire suppression capability?  Why hasn't 501  Marchall Drive been tested for contamination from a 5th floor meth lab?

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing or in a business suit with a microphone.

So, now that he's been warned to resign before things "get out of control", here is what Jake told Patch.
 “I have very concrete, substantive information leading me to believe that the threat of bringing a bus of angry housing authority residents to my house in Pennsylvania is a very real and active plan, and is a plan that stands a very real chance of entailing an actual danger to me and my family,” he said.

As a result, Stuiver has been in touch with both the Hoboken and Haverford, Pa. police departments, as well as his attorney.

“I need to prepare for the very real possibility that it’s notgoing to be a safe situation for me,” he said. “It wouldn’t surprise me if I come back with windows broken.” 
Is this acceptable? 


  1. Do it "JoeyB!" I can hear the residents now, "JOey! JOey!" Like Stuiver is scared by this! Bring it! Philly cops would have a field day hauling your asses to the pokey!

    Check out MSVs article "HHA Meeting sees rear guard attempt to re-appoint Daglian Counsel".

    At the 2:30 mark Branco is seen stuffing his face enjoying the show. He is always present and one needs to ask WHY? What is in it for "JoeyB"? It's more then a seat on the HHA... A bar with in the 20/20 vision plan? A future assembly seat?

    HOLA yuppies, Bar owners alike got this cads number and really dis-like him.

    MSV latest article posts a oh so pretty picture of Joey Branco yupafied. Check it out:

  2. The parking lots will be the draw for the market rate renters. That's what this project is all about. Maybe the protesters can use the long drive to PA to actually read the "plan". Will they find where it says the plan is about them getting back in vs filling it with market rate. doubt it.

    By the time they get back to Jersey, they will be planning their protest at Carmelo and Joey's brownstones!

  3. I was reading about a housing project redevelopment in DC that was supposed to be a public private partnership b/w a housing authority and a developer. Long story short, less than 1/5th of the poor people who were displaced b/c of the redevelopment ever moved back. The developer didn't even build most of the affordable housing after tearing down the buildings and many of the lots to this day are vacant. But they sure did build a bunch of shiny new condos in the area.

  4. you know how it goes. oops, times/market/situation has changed. We need to increase the number of market rate units to make it work. Sorry. You understand right? It was in the plan. Didn't read it? Bummer.

  5. Not only have they exploited the African-American HHA residents with their brand of institutionalized racism - so successfully that those people can't even see what's happening to them and now, for whatever misguided reason, they are using Jewish pseudonyms. They'd attack gays, bi's and Latinos too but they'd implode.

  6. Gracia and Branco are so caught up in their own egos that they fail to see they have already lost.

  7. If any of the residents read the 20/20 plan, they'd see that there will only be a max of 372 low and moderate income units. It clearly deliniates this in his plan. 20% of all units.

    The other 80% will be market rate/luxury apartments. Identical to Joe Barry's luxury buildings with low income units on the lower floors.

    It clearly states that the large majority will be luxury/market rate housing. That is the whole intention of 20/20.

    Furthermore, the plan also asks for PILOTs on these buildings, similar to what Applied had. Pilots for luxury housing? And what will be the infrastructure impact (in the worst flood zone area) on the city?

    The plan also takes away open space, increasing density by 100 units per acre.

    Even sadder is the financing of it all. According to Garcia's plan, The HHA money will be used to build the luxury housing for the developers and the land will be given to them as well. The developers will own and manage the buildings from day one- not 20 or 30 years later, as some claim.

    It's all in there. One only has to read the 100 page document. It's too bad not one of the residents choose to read his plan. They would see he is trying to take away their housing. Likely doing so to line their pockets with the last bits of publicly owned property in the City.

  8. Hi, "Cindy Goldberg" here and I am very very upset with anyone who is disagreeing with my side. I KNOW Carmelo hasn't done anything untoward because hey read it: I'm a taxpayer! As a taxpayer I have a superpower to dismiss problems with people I like. Also here's something I used to like, (before I came here) exaggerated graphics. Every year on the first night of Hanukkah we'd get to open exaggerated graphics which this site has forever ruined for my family. Also since I know where you live I'm going to walk by but later tell everyone I led a huge protest of millions to your front door. I know where everyone lives as you can tell from my angry angry message.
    Let me be your guiding light, I hate you.

  9. Only 372 units of low/mod units? wow?
    Ironic huh? After all these years, Carmelo is acually knocking down the projects and he got the residents to help him! got to give it to him. He is amazing!


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