Attention Hoboken Reporter: The Slander Strategy

Heads up, Hoboken Reporter.

It looks like when the Carmelo Garcia endorsement of Governor Christie kneecapped the 'Zimmer is a Christie-Luvin' Fake Elitist Democrat' strategy, that got shelved for 'The Slander Strategy'.

Last week at the City Council, Councilman Dave Mello was falsely accused of calling HHA residents "monkeys". 

Last night, former Ruben Ramos aide and political operative Nick Calicchio stood up and lied to a full room of HHA residents that I called the HHA a "plantation". 

A simple search of this web site will prove I have done no such thing.  Ever.

Folks at the Hoboken Reporter: you are on notice that the Ramos and Garcia campaigns are now slandering members of the Reform community.  This means you will need to do your due diligence going forward.  You do not want to be held responsible for publishing slanderous statements and easily disproven lies advanced by partisans, political operatives, or anyone on behalf of the Ramos campaign.

 Now, I invite you to do a search on GA for the word "plantation".  Here is all you will find:

Message to Ramos/Garcia: the Slander Strategy might play in the crowd who's already got your vote, but just like the Nazi Truck, it'll Get Out the Vote- for Reform. 


  1. The Mason effort to turn this into a racist attack took place not only in a City Council meeting (captured on YouTube) but also last year when the political operation was taken by her to the Hudson Reporter.

    It's not good for business when your advertiser is among those being illustrated for exploiting residents of Hoboken. MSV stands by the story and has it featured on the home page:

    Tim's $$$ time -

    1. It's disappointing that those who oppose the warehousing of the poor and insist on a fully developed plan are portrayed as the racists, while those who simply want to upgrade a long-since discarded housing anachronism with no thought to implementation, services, community integration and buy-in - cast themselves as crusaders for the disadvantaged.

      Disappointing, but hardly surprising anymore.

  2. Playing the 'race card' is used by lawyers and politicians every day. It is used overtly and covertly. The OJ defense tactic has taught us to be more objective. Facts will usually win-out!

  3. It can be frustrating to be slandered against, however when you get involved like you do it has to be assumed that things will be said in due time that you're going to not like, disagree with, deny etc. A fight is only a fight when a good fight is rendered, and this goes both ways. If you don't want to be slandered, don't get involved. Reasonable expectations come with every facet in any form of assembly.

    1. wha?? just because you have an opinion on something means being slandered against is acceptable (and expected) behavior, is that what you are saying? really?

      that's like saying "hey, if you insist on eating out in restaurants, you should expect 'in due time' to get food poisoning. if you don't want to get food poisoning, don't go out to eat." umm...that sounds irrational.

    2. There is a big difference between politics and eating out. In politics, people do their best to denounce the other, make fun, criticize and so forth. It's something that is premeditated. Restaurants do their best to not poison your food, so your response bares little weight. In Hoboken, once you've been figured out, you're goose is cooked.

    3. Anon @ 10:01. There is a difference. I've been criticized for years ever since I "got involved" or whatever you call blogging about Hoboken politics. I know criticism comes with the territory and that is fair. I have been taking my lumps for years- haven't you noticed? I get it, that's how it goes. That's fair comment.

      Fair comment is not slander.

      Slander is intended to have harmful consequences. Slander is saying something that which has harmful consequences KNOWING it is false. Slander is stating that I made a racist remark at a public meeting in front of a roomful of people who were offended. Slander has malicious intent- perhaps inciting someone to retaliate for the alleged racist remark. An allegation that is demonstrably false and can easily be proven so.

      Got the difference?

    4. Anon @ 11:57 AM.

      I agree with you that politics is not eating out, but again- big difference between "denouncing, making fun, criticizing" those you oppose politically- all protected First Amendment political speech- and knowingly lying about someone making a racist remark in public in front of the 'victims' of the alleged racist remark in order to foment a response- which may include violence.

      I heard Calicchio moved from Hoboken and lives in Bayonne, which means he came to Hoboken to deliver a message. I guess that's what you call "premeditated". I agree.

    5. I understand the difference completely however in this city if you lay down with the dogs, expect to wake up with fleas. You're challenged the others to a heated debate and you've shown your love and courage for who you believe in, and in many cases you've gone very over the line, often too far and you've apologized where you had to, its an ugly fight. So by being that involved you have to expect that someone is going to slander you. The harder you fight them more they're attacking you, slander or not. If you let them do it without legal ramification then it is what it is and it's open to belief by whomever reads it. If you don't want to be slandered, get out of blogging. Who cares where Calicchio lives? Only you, you're too involved so you have to expet others to fire back, fair or not.

    6. Bullshit. Inciting an angry mob with lies does not fall under any category of "it goes with the territory." Here's hoping Calicchio needs a lawyer instead of a victim-blaming apologist.

    7. Anon @ 11:19 PM, you're off the mark.

      I'm a Hoboken resident, taxpayer, use the public schools. I'm not "laying down with dogs", I am protesting corruption and abuse of my tax dollars by elected officials and other public officials with their hand in my wallet.

      "Gone over the line"- whose line, yours?

      Here's "over the line": Trying to shut down our hospital and bankrupt Hoboken, refusing 'free' federal money for infrastructure repairs, voting against public transportation for seniors (HOP buses) after they were destroyed in the storm, voting against re-paving our main streets, voting against bonding to open Pier C park, and on and on... those are "over the line."

      What line did Councilman Mello cross- he was slandered as a racist at the City Council?

      What line did Peter Cunningham cross- he was called a "KKK" member at the City Council?

      I get it- the Dark Side bullies Reform, with real bullies and slander. And draws lines.

      Criticizing one's government is our most basic American freedom. That is the greatness of America. Funny how the Dark Side is willing to plant stories in the paper and control our media but 'freaks out' when others render opinion they can't control. So, I'm supposed to give up my right to speak against corrupt officials and advocate for issues I care about or else a bunch of bullies will "slander" me? Pretty un-American stuff there, no?

      You are right about this: "If you let them do it without legal ramification then it is what it is".

      I don't "care" where Calicchio lives- I was making your point about "premeditated" political attacks. A Bayonne resident coming to a Hoboken meeting to address Commissioner Dave Mello about yours-truly is "premeditated".


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