The Price Was Right

Good morning, folks.  It's fine weather for an election, isn't it?  I'm talking about the one today in Jersey City, the race between incumbent Mayor Jerry Healy and challenger Steve Fulop.

Now, GA does not believe that a Hoboken blogger should endorse another another city's mayoral candidate. Oh, no.

So when my friends in Jersey City ask me who they should vote for, I tell them: "Don't ask me! It's your choice: either the naked, drunk guy who says three Hispanic girls stole his towel and took $46K from Beth Mason for some future 'favor' from the HCDO or the Iraq war veteran.

Now, Horsey was kind enough to note that it was GA who exposed the $46K donation (probably $52K when all is said and done).  The so-called mainstream local media will never acknowledge the Reform blogs; not when they are getting hefty ad revenues from the politicians these blogs sharply criticize.  

So GA wasn't surprised when my friend Al Sullivan wrote this:
Money had been traveling from bigwigs into both races, including more than $40,000 donated by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason and her husband to the Healy campaign, according to two Mason political operatives.
Note the "more than $40,000" description is by-design, meant to soften the impact of the actual figure and place no limit on the amount the Masons will ultimately give Healy; the legal maximum is $52,000. Now the next part is interesting, it's spin planted by the "two Mason political operatives":
Rumors suggest that this was $10,000 less than Fulop asked of Mason, although Fulop supposedly offered to back her later for a race to fill the congressional currently occupied by Rep. Albio Sires – which could explain why Sires is supporting Healy.
GA can tell you this is pure BS.  

But it is funny BS, and reveals how dumb Mason's people are; they've turned her into a frigging pimp shopping for the cheapest ho, and tell us she found one "10K" cheaper!

(How does a woman with all that dough employ such nincompoops?  Can't she find a smarter bunch?)

Anyway, that's the spin they've put out. And Sullivan correctly observed that Mason's double-cross "has has resulted in a falling out of friendships."

Though one can argue such persons were never 'friends' just users.

These 'friends' double-crossed Team Fulop--photo: MSV
Well, we'll see what happens today.

In the meantime, Mason's half-wit operatives have framed her contribution as "The Price Was Right"- minus Bob Barker.

Certainly it was a political calculation on how to get 'something' from the HCDO.

And she bet on Healy to do that.

But many, including Al, suggested that Mason is really gunning for Albio Sires' Congressional seat.   He is, in fact, eligible for a full pension after age 62 if he's served at least 5 years, so he does get that if she knocks him off. 

Watch out, Albio.

Because who knows what price will be 'right' for your 'friends' to throw you under the bus.


  1. I can't tell from that picture...what organization is she with? Perhaps next time she will wish she was more subtle.

  2. I for one am hoping that Fulop wins today. He may not be the perfect candidate, but it will certainly be a loss for the establishment.

    Fulop also has at least some promise to be a good mayor as far as I can see.

  3. What a hideous couple.

  4. beth mason should now be referred to as "smoochie", as she's earned a reputation for delivering the kiss of death to every campaign she touches (including her own futile quests for mayor)!


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