Fulop Wins BIG, Mason Loses BIG

GA was at a Zoning Board meeting tonight, so didn't find out about Steve Fulop's incredible victory until later this evening... wow!  I must admit, I figured there'd be a run-off.   

O me of little faith!

Well, this sure is great news for the Fulop folks and his many supporters in Jersey City.

What tells you Fulop was the better choice?

Take a look at who was with Healy tonight in the video of his concession speech: Mason's Chief of Staff Matt Calicchio, Mike Holmes, Stick Romano... but who DON'T you see?

The BIGGEST LOSER of them all- that's Beth Mason!

Not only did she flush an estimated $52,000 down the toilet, she flushed any chance for a place on a future HCDO ticket by making enemies who won't forgive and forget her double-cross. 

And that goes for her slippery Weehawken salamander.


If Healy had won, you would see her out in front, making sure snapping cameras caught her at the side of the victorious candidate.  But he lost, so Mason stayed far away from the camera- oh, she was there, but avoided being photographed with the loser. That's the kind of 'friend' Mason is.  At least Mike Holmes was right by Healy's side, looking genuinely sad. 

Like his boss, Masons 'Chief of Staff' Matt Calicchio ran as the cameras started to roll at Healy headquarters- take a look!

Okay folks, there'll be more about this tomorrow.

Congratulations, winners!

Bertoli & Fulop: winning team


  1. Money can't buy me love by the BEATLES.........

  2. Fulop win analysis - Hard to 3peat, except for Newport & downtown: city is a mess - just look at journal square - adding to margin of victory was the bizarre tale his 'infamous' picture....Steve is not the reformer in the eyes of Hoboken reformers, but definitely the best in this race for JC reformers. I previously expressed a Fulop win. As for Mayor Zimmer in Nov. [as of now] she is a repeat because the city is not perfect but is heading in the right direction despite the council war........

  3. Sure Bet: Hoboken November Election - No Runoff! lol


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