Fried Fish

Yummy!  Do you folks like fried fish?

It's easy to make.

Step 1) Ensnare the fish in a net.  The fish may think it's too clever to be caught or has access so much money it will swim free, but there's no way to escape the net when it closes in.

Of course, the fish may not see the net coming.  Or, it may believe the net is out there but aiming for other fish.   In fact, a net often catches little fish when it really wants the big ones.

Step 2) If you squeeze a fish hard enough, it will spill its guts.  (Guts are not edible)  The best way to get a fish to spill it's guts is to offer it a plea deal.  That will work 99% of the time, particularly with newlywed fish who don't want to become a barracuda's bitch in Leavenworth.

Step 3) If it won't spill it's guts then turn up the heat.  When your pan has reached the right temperature, drop in the fish and watch it sizzle.  Your fish will tell you all about  shell companies, 501(c)3's use tax exempt dollars to fund political operations and pay political operatives (ask your fish if he is on the Board of Directors of a 501(c)3), funding of lawsuits against blog-fish, funding of Nazi-trucks... snap crackle pop!

Step 4) When the heat is on, your fish will flip like a pancake.  And that's what you want.  

Weehawken trout

Yummy!  You know what GA likes even better than fried fish?  Fried fish metaphors.

Anyway, here's what a friend of mine thought about yesterday's visit:
seems to me this portends a  bigger case, wider than hoboken. she's been running amok with her check book using her charity as a front for political operatives, running a political operation, if she threw money around all over the place it gives the fbi a lot of opportunities to talk to people... in exchange for the money did she ask for anything in return.
Interesting. So the Feds may talk to those who received large contributions to see "if she asked for anything in return."

Well, my FBI friends, if you do talk to the recipients of large donations here's one I haven't been able to figure out:

 5/09/2012 Friends of Beth Mason for City Council $1,000 Tracy Zur Bergen County Freeholder Dem (primary)


  1. perhaps this is why Brian Stack stayed away from her. Maybe he thought something smelled fishy. ;o)

  2. The pilfered email case is fishey as well...Mayor Zimmer has stated that she wants all involved to be accountable....Are there five: AA,BM,RB,PK and JM or more?

  3. What's the difference between Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Castellano and a school of catfish? Some are scum-sucking bottom-feeders and some are fish.


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