BREAKING: Masons Give Healy Campaign $46K!

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason goes shopping in Jersey City

Attention, Shoppers...  there's been a cash spill in Aisle 5...

Hoboken housewife Beth Mason and her happily wedded-wallet Ricky Mason, have crashed their fortune into the campaign coffers of Jersey City Mayor Healy, causing a massive spill of $46,000... be careful not to slip on loose change.  

You heard it right.  The Exxon-Valdez of campaign contributions to the Healy campaign from Beth and Ricky Mason, $46,000, represents 7% of the $ 638K Healy has received to-date.  


Look at the aggregate amounts Healy's gotten from Unions- who collectively represent thousands of workers:

Tile Marble & Terrazo Local Union No. 7  $600
PBA Local Union 334 $1500
Local 68 IUOE  $1,000
* Heavy & General Construction Laborer's Local Union 472 $8,200
* UA Plumbers Local No. 24  $21,000
* Local Union #164 IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) $38,200
Beth & Rick Mason $46,000

Chew on this: donors Beth and Ricky Mason gave more money to Jeremiah Healy than any of the  building  trades.

"Healy Team Forward''s 11-Day Pre-Election ELEC Report

And we are still 8 days away from the May 14, 2013 Jersey City Primary when more GOTV loot pours in... swishity swish.

What are the Masons doing?  

It looks like the moola started rolling in around the time Union City Mayor Brian Stack picked HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia for the Hoboken Assembly slot.

Is this mega-donation supposed to buy her a seat at the County on the HCDO line?   Whose seat?   Everybody, watch your back.  The closer to political irrelevance Mason slides, the more money shes pitching to stay in the game.
Perhaps the contribution means to buy 'good will' toward her Boy Wonder Tim Occhipinti, who seems to be gearing up to take on Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Occhipinti is mum so far, or else just busy practicing big words, like: "pothole" and "Mr. Softee." 

To put into perspective what a shitload of cash this is, take a look at Mason's 2012 Federal Contributions.  

Do you see any  that come close to the $46K gusher to Mayor Healy?

No, you don't.  The largest single donation Mason gave was $10K.

And that was just federal. Mason and her  wedded-wallet spread oodles of dough around the state and Hudson County, even donating to Ruben Ramos before she forgot he existed. But not one exceeds $10,000.

Which begs the question, why the loot shower  on Mayor Healy?

And why shit-can Fulop?  I thought Mason admired him.  Remember this?  From politickernj in 2008:

HOBOKEN - Taking a nod from Jersey City Councilman Steve Fulop, freshman Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason intends to introduce an amendment that would ban city elected officials from receiving more than one public salary or pension.

What did Councilman Peter Cammarano think about that?

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Well, this epic spill of Hoboken money into a Jersey City mayoral race should capture the media's attention- but it won't.

What's funny is the spin coming from Whitehorse Strategies' Josh Henne.

When Henne is not writing Op-Eds for the empty-skulled Tim Occhipinti, he is  Mayor Healy's campaign spokeman.  And according to the Jersey City Independent, Henne's been all over a $500 contribution to Fulop: 

 "...  time and again Steve Fulop proves he will break the rules and do anything to accrue power,” Joshua Henne, Healy Campaign Spokesman, said in a statement. “

What would Henne say about the  $46K  from Mason to the Healy campaign?

Probably "Thank you".   Where do you think Timmy's getting the money to pay Henne?   (I don't know, I'm asking YOU).

Well, it really is amazing the amount of cash the Masons are dumping into Jersey City politics.

So for $46K what have they bought?


  1. Ain't that the 'naked' truth!

  2. i never thought i'd be in agreement with peter cammarano, LOL!

  3. Tim run for mayor? Timmy cant even pick up his dogs shit on a walk. Oh lord

  4. Great graphic on this post, when do you think was the last time Beth Mason went food shopping at a supermarket? Back in college, maybe?

  5. Another letter to the editor from Ruben Ramos fails to be printed on Mason411.

    Let's pretend we don't know why. That will synch up nicely with pretending Beth is just giving 50 grand to the HCDO so that the best people are hired to serve the public.


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