Mason vs.Sires, OG vs.Mason

Sent by a GA reader last nigh- a 2nd Ward windshield 
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."
-Albert Einstein

What a surprise. 

When this is over, GA will find out how much of OUR money Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo and Terry Castellano have wasted on "gamesmanship"  Then send your 'Thank You' cards to the Mason Brinks Truck- the motor will be running, ready for another frivolous lawsuit.

Now... there is a rumor Mason is running for U.S. Congress against Albio Sires.  While GA doesn't know how much stock to put in such a rumor, two clues suggest it may be true.  

CLUE #1-  Sires was #15 on The Hoboken Reporter's list of 'Hudson County's Most Influential-2012' behind Beth Mason's #14.   Further, Mason's paragraph contained 154 words; Sires' contained 70 words- less than half.  Mason's bio was humorously puffed to Albio's anemic one. If you didn't know, Mason has been buying weekly page 3 ads in The Hoboken Reporter since April 2012.  In exchange, they tout her political viability and ignore anything to undercut it. For example, the Hoboken Reporter has never questioned the legitimacy of  her Sandy-victims' charity, though said charity sponsors a  527 political organization, Weehawken and You Civic Association.   Nor have they questioned her 501(c)(3) which employs political operatives and has sponsored a political campaign-- while taking a federal tax deduction.  The HR bio falsely claimed her uptown office gave out "hot food" to Sandy victims.  That should have read "hot Dunkin' Donuts coffee" with no donuts.

Now, Augie Torres did a 'Power List' of the top 25 most influential Hudson County politicians.  Mason didn't make the list.  Sires did.  Here's what Augie said:
Enough said? 

The Mason-friendly Reporter moving Mason up from a #41 position to #14- in a year she LOST an election (Move Forward BoE candidates) with her operative James Barracato widely perceived as responsible for the humiliating defeat, and dropping her ahead of Albio Sires... that's a 'tell'.

CLUE #2- Look at the dough the Masons' have dropped outside of Hudson County, here and here.  Has Mason ever paid for friendship?

 And that's it. 

What does running for U.S.Congress against Albio Sires do for Mason?  GA sees all pros and no cons.  It would raise her profile statewide, give her name recognition and scratch that fearsome itch to be 'somebody'. Boy, if she does run, Albio is in for a ride.  I'll bet she subpoenas his dental x-rays.
One possible fly in the ointment is ANOTHER rumor GA's been sitting on, one which came from sources disparate enough to make me believe it.  Are you ready?

Rumor is, there's a stealth recall effort going on in the 2nd Ward. For Beth Mason.  

That's right.  If true, the most interesting thing about it is who the leaders are- and GA heard 2 names- both Old Guard.  One of them is formidable.  There have been meetings. But it has been so quiet...

I believe a 2nd Ward recall would need 2,000 signatures. Daunting, but not impossible.  How many live in the 2nd Ward Applied buildings?  

Well, this is clear: some Old Guard are very, very angry with Mason, think she's bad for Hoboken, think she (and Finboy) lost the BoE election.   Do they think this Doyle-lawsuit is any better for Hoboken?


  1. A stealth recall effort? Sign me up.

    1. I don't know the status currently.

      My source had spoken directly to an attendee of a recall meeting and this person (who went to the meeting) is not a known activist, just a local business owner. Which made the story more credible. What I heard was, the organizers were serious. IMO, their reasons are not altruistic but political. They were horrified at how she blew the School Board race, how she lets her operatives run amok and doesn't listen to anyone. Money is not an issue for these people and they aren't impressed by hers.

      If true, I am sure many would love to pitch in, but don't know that we'd be welcome. They can get it done without us. But, still an enormous undertaking.


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