Mason in Italy or on Business?


The Oct. 3rd City Council meeting was the first after Carol Marsh's seat was vacated, when the Jim Doyle appointment was to be voted on.  Oops!   No Mason.   

Yup, she was a no-show, hadn't apprised the Council in advance of her absence, didn't call in.  She simply went AWOL.  Well, the vote for the Doyle appointment went forward without her: 4-YES, 2-NO, 1-ABSTAINED, then the Mayor cast the 5th vote.  

And you know the rest: $16,272.27of your tax money LATER and... 

Invoices to the City of Hoboken for defending Beth Mason's frivolous litigation to keep Jim Doyle off the City Council

...Hoboken's Energizer Bunny of Litigation, Beth Mason, is still going strong!  
Q: What's that giant sucking sound?  
A: Beth Mason's frivolous lawsuit draining your wallet.
Yup, she's dragged us BACK to court, in spite of these words from Hudson County Superior Court Judge Bariso to Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano:
This Court cannot countenance the notion that the Municipal Vacancy Law was intended to encourage gamesmanshipCouncil members should not be permitted to undermine the deliberative process ..
Judge Bariso's sure got their number.

So when did the "gamesmanship" start?  On October 3, 2012 the night Mason went AWOL for the Doyle vote.  That night she set the table for the lawsuit, days later she paid the tab.

And guess what?

Mason had NEVER offered an explanation for her October 3rd disappearance, leaving Terry  Castellano to pull one out of her... um, briefcase last December.

Well, a funny thing happened at the City Council last night... Beth Mason FINALLY told us what she was doing on October 3, 2012 and MSV has the video.

Problem: Mason's excuse doesn't 'match' Castellano's.  More trouble: a THIRD party has another explanation for where Mason was on October 3rd, 2012!  So again, here's the question followed by 3 different answers:

Where in the world was Beth Mason on the night of the Doyle vote?

Answer #1: "She was in Italy!"- Castellano, Dec 19, 2012

Answer #2: "I was traveling for business!"- Beth Mason, Feb 20, 2013

Business?  Here's what I know about her last (and still active)"business."

Back in 2011 after Mason took a hatchet to Tom Greaney, mining his past business misfortunes then splattering them on Hoboken411, GA and super-sleuth One Eye decided to check out her past. 

Do you like fiction?  Read it much?  Try Beth Mason's resume:

On the left , note the 1993-2005 entry as 'President, Founder' of  'Newton Lau Leonard and Locke' (NLLL).

On the right, is the State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury Charter for NLLL.  Guess what?  It wasn't a registered business until 2010.

Mason's resume entry for Newton Lau Leonard & Locke 1993-2005 claims the following:
Created a corporate transformation practice that helps clients acquire a sustainable competitive advantage and increase ROI through an understanding of a customer-directed business process, called Marketecture, that incorporates Quality, Organizational Change, Human Resources and Integrated Marketing. Engagements included working with senior executives for traditional and dotcom businesses in strategic planning, corporate repositioning, and developing business models and operational designs to meet corporate objectives. 

Aided businesses in creating programs for client retention, business development, succession planning, and acquisitions. Helped clients find necessary resources and served as a team leader to integrate various external resources to insure a quality and timely delivery of designated deliverables. 

Worked with corporate and external law firms to establish legal and financial parameters and contracts to improve profitability and project definition for retention and project-based businesses. 

Involved in a wide-range of industry sectors such as financial, retail, travel, b-to-b, services, dotcom for public, non-profit and private businesses. Clients included: Mastercard, AT&T, K2 Design, NCR, Lexis-Nexis,, MCI (Corporate and Mass Markets), Frederick Doner New Media, Knight-Ridder’s Real Cities(.com), Auction Universe, Designer, Frankfurt Balkind Partners, Pitney Bowes, Gartner Group, CareerPath,com, Getty Center, Thomson Health, Knight Ridder, SPX, Globesurfer (.com), Think New Ideas, Oleary Clarke & Partners, Grace & Rothschild Advertising and Wall Street Investor Services. 

Impressive!  Wow, that's quite a roster of clients.

One Eye decided to run a Dun & Bradstreet Business report on NLLL to see their history of purchases (office supplies, presentation materials, equipment, furnishings), payments to vendors, consultants, business travel, business entertainment, and so on.


Did those Fortune 500 Clients pay her in kisses?  Here is what One Eye said about NLLL:
It has all the earmarks of someone's "shell" or "front" company, i.e. a business in name only that is used to funnel expenses and make payments, receive payments that they don’t want associated with their name directly.
More: Mason gave NLLL's address as 10 Stuyvesant Avenue in Lyndhurst, NJ.  That's the home of her Cratos Group.   Cratos was formed in March 2009, it's President is Adam Alonso, a Mason sidekick.  A visitor to the building has told GA that NLLL is not listed on the vestibule directory.

Mason's NLLL registered here

Oh yes, this was a lie, too:
Beth Mason, "the Student Body President of the Virginia Commonwealth University" (VCU) "represented 35,000 students
The aggregate VCU student body in 1983-1984 was 14,215 not 35,000. 

Now,  since Mason claims she was "traveling on  business" instead of attending City business, GA supposes this 'business' would be listed on her Financial Disclosure form at the City Clerk's Office.

OPRA, anyone?

Answer #3: "I saw her in Hoboken.  She was being driven in a car."- Witness who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by checkbook-bully Beth Mason who has been known to sue critics and bloggers via political operative proxies.

So WHO do you believe?


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