Marking Territory

Dunkin Donuts coffee, no donuts.
Yesterday we discovered the shocking amount of money Councilwoman Beth Mason has contributed to numerous politicians at the federal, state and local levels (and PACs)- her federal contributions totaled $52,000, and other 'misc.' totaled $74,000.   That's just what we know. 

Look, everyone knows that cash is the currency of political influence;  politicians need cash and donors are (sometimes) rewarded. The fact that wealthy Democrats would make political donations is no big deal.  What is remarkable here is indiscriminate nature of the Masons' giving; here, there, everywhere-  like how a cat (or dog) marks it's territory, spraying all over the place. Ever see an animal do that?  Spray their scent everywhere?

That's what Mason does with money; sprays it around to mark her territory.  Indiscriminately.

Or maybe not so indiscriminately- GA reader khoboken noted  Mason sprayed some money on a former Hoboken Municipal Court prosecutor when she ran for Bergen County Freeholder.  Hmmm...

Who else is she spraying?  Hard to tell, when contributions are being made from opaque entities like "Friends of Beth Mason." 

GA was just called by the husband of the former "Friends of Beth Mason" Treasurer, Ines Keim.  Mr. Keim explained that "Friends of Beth Mason" was not a PAC, it was an "Ongoing Political Committee" and his wife was no longer involved.  Then he threatened to file an "amicus brief" against me if I didn't make an edit (?) and hung up.  Anyway, I made the edit because it was reasonable, not because of his threat, whatever it was.  So I just called him back as a courtesy to say I'd made the edit and also to ask a question about FOB's ELEC filing. GA never got to the question as Mr. Keim told me how much he dislikes Da Horsey and myself.  Well, the feeling isn't mutual.   

Let the record show that GA was contacted about something on my blog that a political 'opponent' wished removed.  Though our political views and affiliations are different, I listened respectfully, thought about it and honored his request.  How easy was that?  


Boy, these are strange times in Hoboken. Nazi Trucks, accusations of ethnic bias and threatening elected officials at the HHA, using the courts for power grabs and silencing political critics...

Speaking of that HHA meeting, here is what a political operative with Sumo-like proportions said in the face of a shorter and slighter elected official: "You fucking suck...  you're a fucking asshole..."  Oh, and this political operative is an elected official himself- a Democratic Committeeman.  

Come to think of it, he was in Hoboken Municipal Court a couple of months back represented by the Hoboken Municipal Court prosecutor...


  1. Friends of Beth Mason = Ricky Mason. And no one else.

  2. Is it just me being mean or does that white coat seem insanely out of place on a day when the rest of us were waist-deep in glop?

  3. Strange times in Hoboken for sure. We also now how people that sue to overturn elections when they don't win.

  4. The politicians and causes who accepted Ricky Mason's money on behalf of his wife will discover that just like cat spray, that stench is impossible to remove.


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