Zimmer Wows Washington, Mason Loses More Guests

A study in contrasts. Black and white.


Mayor Zimmer, who got the nation's attention after Hurricane Sandy devastated Hoboken, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee for Small Business and Entrepreneurship yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Impassioned and compelling- Chairwoman Landrieu (D-La) called her testimony "excellent", Zimmer urged Congress to "take action" on redefining what flood insurer's term a 'basement', the reason why Hoboken's garden-level businesses have been denied compensation for losses although they are required to buy the insurance.

Mayor Zimmer's testimony came as news to the panel, including Senator Risch (R-Id) who told Zimmer he had been in the insurance industry  himself and had never heard of the issue.  He promised to follow up.

End result: Zimmer advocated for our small businesses at the highest level of government in a position to make legislation to HELP Hoboken.


Beth Mason's formidable checkbook is funding a lawsuit to keep Councilman Jim Doyle off the City Council.

Today, a Superior Court judge will hear an application by the city to force full attendance to vote on filling Carol Marsh's vacancy on the City Council.  According to MSV:
A decision by Judge Peter Bariso could see a request of the full council to vote on the seat together or alternatively, no vote may be called leaving a 4-4 deadlock until next November.

Should the latter outcome prevail, it would be the biggest victory for the Old Guard since the attempt to block the hospital sale.  Obstruction from the "Council of No" would commence in force and the most simple matters requiring a council majority such as year end line item budget transfers would turn into galactic hour long discussions led by the king of grandstanding Councilman Michael Russo.
This is not going down well with the public, struggling to recover after Hurricane Sandy. Here is what one of her own constiutents wrote about her in the Hoboken Reporter, a letter which has received (so far) an astonishing 817 'thumbs up':
In light of the massive destruction caused by hurricane Sandy, I am extremely disappointed in Beth Mason that during this time of recovery she would pursue a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken over the appointment of Jim Doyle to the Hoboken City Council. I do not know Jim Doyle personally but from afar he seems like the type of individual who is concerned with doing what is best for the citizens of Hoboken. Ms. Mason, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten that she represents the people who live in the 2nd ward of Hoboken
GA doesn't have enough time to go through all of Mason's efforts to strike back at the people of Hoboken who rejected her twice in favor of Dawn Zimmer.

Perhaps the most reprehensible thing she has ever done- aside from trying to kill the hospital sale (in my opinion) is sponsor the Nazi Truck.  Any denials that she knew of it ring hollow, when her personal videographer Tim Brendel filmed and produced the video, and her political operative, James Barracato, ran the operation. So Mason, who has publicly cried 'victim' of Holocaust rhetoric and imagery did exactly that to her opponents- had a swastika-video displayed to the public on a truck.  And parked it at a school.

And she claims to be a Jewish victim of Holocaust discourse . I don't know many Jews who run around town wearing a crucifix, do you?

Anthony Romano, Beth Mason and her crucifix bring pizzas to Wallace School after Hurricane Irene

Now, I love my Christian brothers and sisters but, I don't wear a cross like you don't wear a Star of David.  Right?

GA came across an October 2011 post, Bottom of the Deck, where I assign Tarot cards to the four members of MORT.  Mason was 'The Empress".

Beth Mason plays The Empress of MORT.  Profoundly narcissistic, anyone who challenges her sense of entitlement must be destroyed. She blames others for her own failures; her vendetta against the Mayor and people of Hoboken (for twice rejecting her) rules her political life. She's completely reactive; can't articulate what she's for but can tell you what she's against. Her rage has hollowed her out, made her indifferent to the suffering of others; flexing her 'muscle' and wreaking pain on the people of Hoboken was her aim last night. She's all reflexes now.  The Empress cannot believe her predicament. She blames the Mayor for bringing the FBI to town, and not the immorality of her own actions- she's the victim.  The plan: make chaos for the Mayor and link her to Governor Christie  (hence the mythical "Christie endorsement") to set up a 'political victim' defense. Until then, The Empress is using all resources at her disposal to cause as much pain as possible for the people of Hoboken.

That was  written 13 months ago.  Has anything changed?

Finally, the latest tally on Mason's  'Hudson County Recovers' gala in Secaucus- another 5 guests AWOL.  The event started with 594 on the guest list, today there are 543.

But she did gain one more 'gong'- Jamie Cryan.  That makes 11 going out of 543 on the guest list- 2% attending of the total invited!

No wonder she's trying to bus seniors to fill the empty seats- La Reggia is a big place.  Here is a comment from a reader, Jimmy, who lives in senior housing:
got that invite,taped to my door, free be,,in senior building. I pass every time. im not liked here either, lol i love Dawn Z as Mayor.. Change is needed,During storm,Mason had her pals bring cold pizza,and voter reg forms,Showing eye tierd seniors in no lights to fill out. The concered me. But i vote by mail,and few more i asked to open there minds to change. And did. Its starts with one brave woman to fight the corrupion..And it is Dawn..Peace And God Speed in her future.