HR Spin on Hoboken's Internet Community

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Time and time again, GA has written about The Hoboken Reporter's symbiotic relationship with  Councilwoman Beth Mason.

While none of us were in the room to witness a deal being struck, here is what we know:
Mason Charity files e-Postcard returns in 2010 and 2011.  The Hoboken Reporter declined to follow up.

  • GA posted the 2005-2006 BoE audit showing the  Old Guard used our district's education budget like a slush fund.  It also showed a $25.8K payment to The Hoboken Reporter which the auditor, KPMG, cited "appears excessive".  Indeed.  That shakes out to about $500/week.    WHO reported this  past "excessive" BoE payment to The Hoboken ReporterThe Reform BLOGS.

  • GA posted the 3-part series on the non-profit, tax-exempt Mason Civic League, Inc. as follows:
    ....and THEN what happened?  The next day:
    August- Ocober 2012: Mason political operatives sue Reform blogs and bloggers: 24 Defendants (2 Named, 10 John Does, 12 Screen Names) in total. Mason political operatives' blogger-lawsuit takes center-stage in BoE election campaign. Mason operatives' obsessive focus on bloggers- not the GOTV effort- loses election.
    WHO connected the dots on WHO was responsible for planning and execution of the Nazi Truck, WHO made the Nazi Truck video, and how these are  ALL linked to a Hoboken Councilwoman? The Reform BLOGS.
And that's just part of  what's been covered on the blogs in 2012.

Why recount this?   Because my friend Sully took this disingenuous swipe at the Hoboken internet community.   
 Although the internet community in Hoboken ran into some legal issues during 2012, elsewhere in the county, the internet has become a viable political tool... 
Hoboken's internet community not "viable"?  Not exactly. 

If we weren't "viable", political operatives wouldn't be trying to shut us down and chill our discourse with a frivolous lawsuit.  If we weren't "viable" political operatives wouldn't have put bloggers at the center of a political campaign if the internet community were not telling the stories the Hoboken Reporter won't.   Imagine, all that energy and money spent to discredit the Reform blogosphere.  The internet community is under attack by political operatives. 

And who is at the center of this campaign against Hoboken blogs and bloggers?  

Councilwoman Beth Mason. Her operatives are renting Nazi trucks, making Nazi videos, and suing bloggers.  The blogs have posted evidence on the connection.  The Hoboken Reporter has chosen to ignore the blogs.

And that explains the why The Hoboken Reporter is eager to dismiss the viability of Hoboken's internet community.     


  1. Guess after the attempted hit job in April with Beth Mason and her stinky fish, Da Horsey was just grateful not to see more crap strewn about. I'll take being ignored versus dirty tricks hit jobs any day.

    After all, it's a natural opposition for a paper compromised by its ownership bias and real estate origins to seek out and nullify the rise of online Davids in its Goliath universe.

    They certainly took to it with an advertiser with real gusto though.
    When caught running a full out political hit job operation with the guppy and his scorpion mama last spring, the HR editors hid from questions.

    Is that worse than doing a page one story and pretending they have had no relationship with another long time political operative for the same scorpion and their frivolous lawsuit?

    Some folks have some 'splainin to do. As for Al's article, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt the clauses on the "internet" were unrelated.

    If someone can demonstrate any big stories impacting other Hudson towns the way we have here in Hoboken, I'd love to hear it.

    Hey Al, ask Mike Russo how MSV's coverage impacted his "viable" political career? Call me when you get the answer. :)

  2. Mason flouts campaign finance law, plays fast and loose with tax law, claims in a public meeting while sitting on the dais as a councilman that corporation counsel doesn't "represent her" and yet she thinks she's somehow qualified to be in public office? She isn't qualified to pass out paper towels in a public bathroom.

    Let her keep adding up the legal transgressions. Let her keep giving the finger to the DCA, the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission and the IRS. Let her keep behaving as though her husband's income insulates her from the law. When the time comes, we'll watch her twist in the proverbial wind and file this all under "enough rope".

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