Hope for Bayonne

Bayonne seems to be a popular destination, for Louisiana's 'Train of Hope' and for ambitious Hoboken politicians.

There is no doubt that  the enormity of Hoboken's losses dwarf those of other Hudson County municipalities.  Including Bayonne. ( FEMA's survey showed 2,248 structures damaged in Hoboken compared to Bayonne's 2) 

So why are some elected officials abandoning Hoboken constituents to court the people of Hudson County's 33rd District (Mason's 'fund' Hudson County Recovers) and Bayonne?

First, Bayonne's mayor is HCDO Chairman Mark Smith. Second, Bayonne's mayor is HCDO Chairman Mark Smith.  And third... you know.  

2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason has planned a massive fundraiser for Hudson County- for the 1 building damaged in Weehawken, the 2 in Union City, the 10 in Jersey City and the 2,248 in Hoboken (numbers provided by FEMA).  The Mason fundraiser is on December 20, 2012 in Secaucus (not Hoboken, though our business community was devastated) and she invited a whopping 594 guests.  8 of the 594 are going- that's 1.3%.

left: Nov. 10, 2012- Occhipinti greets the Train of Hope in Newark with supplies for Hoboken and Bayonne right: Nov 10, 2012- Occhipinti's Bus of Hope brings supplies to Bayonne with Beth Mason on board.

All this in the backdrop of sources telling me about one Hoboken official (a Dark Sider) who was none too happy with Occhipinti's performance for his ward in the storm's aftermath.  I believe this official told Tim something like: "Where the hell were you?"

I guess we know now- Bayonne. 
HOBOKEN AND BAYONNE – A “train of hope” filled with donations (and several volunteers) and operated by Amtrak, will be leaving on a 30-hour journey on Friday, November 9 from Louisiana. The train will be arriving on Saturday, Nov 10 in Newark and will make its way to both Bayonne and Hoboken.

The effort has been coordinated by Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith, Hoboken Councilman Tim Occhipinti, and various Hoboken city officials. Storage facilities are being organized in Bayonne for the donations.
Have any of these Louisiana donations been distributed in Hoboken?  

Well, thank goodness they made it safe to Bayonne.  GA likes Bayonne- it's low-key, unpretentious.

But liking the place doesn't excuse our elected officials for politicking there (and other Hudson County municipalities) in the aftermath of this disaster instead of putting Hoboken first.

And there is no excuse for obstructing government operations (throwing Jim Doyle off the City Council) as Hoboken residents struggle to recover from Sandy. 

GA's got a suggestion for Reformers on the City Council on how to get cooperation from Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.   It's simple.  Replace the word 'Hoboken' with the word  'Bayonne' wherever it appears and... no more hours of wading in hot gas, your meetings will finish by 9 o'clock.

For example, had your Resolution for the YMCA to use the City's Affordable Housing funds  been submitted like this:

... Timmy would not have said this:
Councilman Tim Occhipinti called it a "government bailout." .
What an idiot.

GA is telling you, if you just called it the " Tthe Bayonne North Hudson YMCA" Timmy would have  would have posed next to HCDO Chairman Mark Smith holding a giant check plus a handful of balloons.  But... it was only for Hoboken residents so Timmy fought it tooth-and-nail, insulting our friends and neighbors in need of affordable housing by insinuating they were beggars seeking "government bail-outs."

Perhaps we should call him Mitt Occhipinti.

Can you imagine?  The accusation of poor people taking a "government bailout" coming from the mouth on who took a ''bailout' from Beth Mason.  How else would he have payed those 575 campaign workers who overwhelmingly voted for him?   He's the guy who brings two cakes to senior housing and when no one's looking, grabs one and leaves.

Message to  the City Council minority: how about putting Hoboken first?


  1. Wouldn't it be funny if there were some Louisiana cops on the train. And they they took the light rail over to the Tilted Kilt, and let the waitresses pose with their equipment? Just sayin'

  2. FEMA trailers sitting idly in Pa, while Sandy victims are still homeless:


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