Frank's Ticket?

GA woke up to this tune on the radio... I love JT.

Folks, I'm finding this one hard to swallow- like finding a cashew and an almond in your jar of peanuts.  Here's what I found in my Inbox:
Pupie Frank has engaged Nathan Brinkman and Liz Markevitch to run with him on a slate.


GA is not surprised that Frank would run- why not?  

Raia served on the BoE for years, and  was School Board President in the 2005-2006 school year- the year of the Great Cell Phone Give-away!

2005-2006 BoE Audit- page 133

 GA hears that Carmelo Garcia was the BoE's Vice President during the 2005-2006 term  which is also known as the Juicy Steak era...

2005-2006 BoE Audit- page 157
and the Trump Plaza Get-away...

 ...also called the Disappearing $1.9 Million Dollars Trick...

2005-2006 BoE Audit: page 50

... and the Friends and Family JOBS Program Era...

2005-2006 BoE Audit: page 40
(GA can summarize the 2005-2006 Friends and Family JOBS Program:)

And imagine getting FIRED from one of those mystery-jobs, but still getting a paycheck...

2005-2006 BoE Audit- page 43

Did I forget to tell you the HVAC Repair Guy ($96,000 year) was invited to Atlantic City, too- and even got a $300 stipend!  (What would somebody DO with all that money at Trump Plaza casino?  Hmmm...)

People, there's more, more, more in that 297 page BoE audit!   Take a look.

What can YOU find?

Now amidst conversations about charters and public schools, let's remind ourselves the kind of  LONG-TERM abuses to Hoboken's public schools that preceded the current Kids First Reform era- by people who are chomping at the bit to take over our schools AGAIN.

If they were decent leaders, Kids First would not have inherited the disaster in 2009-2010 that they found when Kids First has an audit performed for 2008-2009 school year.

Scathing audit of Hoboken Board of Education shows more than two dozen irregularities

“It was just shocking,” said Board of Education trustee Maureen Sullivan.

In a random sampling, auditors found two cases in which funds raised by students through candy sales and other activities were used to reimburse teachers for stolen iPods – to the tune of $400 each.
In addition, overtime was being improperly approved by consultants, instead of employees, auditor Dieter Lerch said at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting.

Auditors also found that stipends to several employees were either not approved by the board or did not have other necessary documentation. Sullivan said in most of those cases the work was likely being done, despite the lack of documentation, but that interim Superintendent Peter E. Carter said he would conduct a thorough investigation to make sure.

Parents at Tuesday’s board meeting reacted with horror.
Interesting then, if the rumor is true. Why would Brinkman and Markevitch-  Republican activist allies of Maureen Sullivan- join a Raia Ticket?

Our schools are in a period of recovery- a long way from the Era of Abuse.  So many are working to 'right the ship' as more use them, discover how special our teachers are, and that are kids are happy- in spite of the divisive language of political operatives.

OK, back to JT to relax.

 On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let's go up on the roof (up on the roof)


  1. Brinkman, Sullivan, Markevitch....great, 3 votes working hard to destroy the public school system in Hoboken and undo any positive steps that Kid's First has made.

  2. So we'll have a pupie-produced-and-paid-for slimy slate whose only focus and common denominator is that they're angry, purposeless, corrosive Republican'ts with unhealthy requirements for attention - even if it's negative. (They must be using Mason's playbook). But make no mistake - their desire to run for school board has nothing to do with the education of our kids or what's good for Hoboken.


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