Exclusive: No Mo' Mo

Here's a GA exclusive from a source on the 'inside'.  Are you ready?
Maureen Sullivan is probably not going to run for reelection.
GA heard there may be an announcement "soon."

If this is in fact true and Sullivan makes her retirement 'official' she will certainly provide reasons for her decision.

What she won't tell you is the back story.  That's what you come to GA for!

Here it is.

Frank Raia doesn't want  to run with Maureen Sullivan.  He doesn't want her on his ticket.  And that's the Kiss of Death.

Why doesn't Raia want her?

More from GA's source:
She's not liked by anyone anymore.  No one trusts her to be a loyal soldier.   She switched sides once and she could do it again.   

And they think she's emotionally unstable.
Wow. The Old Guard nailed it.  Emotionally unstable.

As in blogging like the Energizer bunny under a several screen names (franksinatra, gettheledout44, parsleysage...), publishing closed session discussion on blogs and letters to the editor, throwing fits when her will is thwarted (like the recent barrage of phone calls to the NJDOE)... 

And her close kinship with the RAT who leaked  Perry Belefiore's private email to Al Sullivan. Yes, they are friends and both are loose internet cannons, stalkers who victimize others with arbitrary malevolence.  Even their 'own'- like Perry Belefiore.

Untrustworthy is right.  Feel that pain in your back?

That's the shiv Maureen or her friends put there.  remember what she did to Kids First.

Moreover, and this is sheer speculation... why didn't Sullivan fingerprinted at Morpho Trak like everyone else?

Nailed by Oprah-request
Sullivan claimed it was done on January 5th, but the manager of the NJDOE's Criminal History Review Unit was told on January 6th that Sullivan was NOT in their database. Nor had she made an appointment with them.

And then a nun named Maureen Sullivan turns up with respect to Hoboken's Maureen Sullivan in the NJDOE's internal communications?  You know the nun got fingerprinted in 2008.  But what does that have to do with 'our' Maureen?

Now, GA doesn't know if that bit of bizarre-ness has ANYTHING to do with Sullivan's possible retirement from the School Board, but it DOES illustrate WHY the Old Guard don't want her.

She's a circus.  Like Beth Mason, but without the MONEY.  So who needs her?

Now, this 'rumor' may not come to pass, but it more likely will than not. So I'm told.

Sullivan doesn't have the following she did in 2009 before she turned traitor.  She brings nothing to the table except for serious headaches.

The Old Guard has it right this time.

Emotionally unstable- publishing closed session discussions