Lights On


borninhoboo, a self-confessed, once-upon-a time 'hater' turned LISTENER.   GA's  hearing about new listeners every day.

What was it?
The Russo- Castellano- Mason- Occhipinti  attempted massacre of our hospital?   Voting down funding for urgent life-safety repairs to the HPD headquarters?  Blowing a $4.5 million dollar hole in the City budget by voting down a simple garage bond conversion- guaranteeing LAYOFFS?  Voting down funding a traffic light so our new park (and soccer field) can open?  Refusing to vote for moving a line item in the budget so the HFD can get PAID?

Not to mention this final manufactured crisis- not letting BA Arch Liston move budget line items to fund city operations- will trigger another State fiscal monitor (babysitter) .  Because of the reckless incompetence and political gamesmanship of these 4 morons: Russo, Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti.

Methinks a certain few suspect they're going down and wish to leave chaos in their wake.  

In other words, "F*CK YOU, Zimmer.  That's what you get for calling in the Feds"

And the rest of us- 'new' and 'old' Hoboken alike, are collateral damage.   Well, it looks like the 'haters' are catching on. 

borninhobo, you know what Santa brought me this year?