Gag Order

GA has noticed a certain multiple-screen name wielding armchair-gladiator has been unnaturally quiet since posting this on Patch:

That was November 16th, when Hoboken politicos were in Atlantic City attending The League of Municipalities conference.   It seems 'prosbus' was minding the store while the 'cats' were away...

Unfortunately for the cats, the mouse played extortion.   Not just GA's opinion, either.

Do you see it?

'prosbus' assures the votes of Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano  and Russo for the line item transfer to pay the Fire Department in exchange for 10 new hires "with a preference for current Hoboken residents and veterans".

There is no effort to present this as the opinion or suggestion of the blogger himself.   Without equivocation 'prosbus' tells us these City Council members "would strongly consider voting YES..." which means he is negotiating for them.   The  wages of Hoboken Fire Department personnel  is the leverage 'prosbus' is using to add 10 jobs to the City payroll.

That's extortion.

The F.B.I. does monitor Hoboken blogs.

So, next question: did Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano or Russo sanction cyber-extortion on their behalf?

I am guessing Russo didn't. I'm guessing he's the one who said "shut him up".  Russo's the smart one.

Remember Deep Uvula (DU),  my informant?  He'd told me that the Russo-people didn't care for 'prosbus',  didn't respect him, thought he was a creep. 
That sidekick of hers is starting to piss people off.
Her "sidekick" was only tolerated because he came with "the checkbook".

Unbelievably, after the Mason-minion is called out on his extortion attempt, he doubled-down and posted this:

GA supposes the Russos went ballistic.   And forced a gag order on the loquacious weasel.

"The Council Minority won't let the City pay our fire fighters unless..."

¡Ay, caramba!

The next City Council meeting is on Wednesday, December 7th.
Will 'prosbus' show up to pitch this 'proposal'?

Will anyone ask the City Council minority which one of them sanctioned this?

Or ask if they would really leverage the paychecks of our brave HFD men and women for a hiring negotiation?
Stay tuned...


  1. In the immortal words of Bob R.... thank you very much prosbus.
    I hope prosbus doesn't have to go sit back under that hot lamp in Newark.

    Some of that noise however looks like nonsense as many people believe the fire department will adjust somewhat due to the lack of troops.

    It's likely being squared away with analysis by PSD Jon Tooke. His impact has been very big in the short time he's been in Hoboken. Occhipinti even asked what happened to the fire department overtime and BA Liston told him that there wasn't any for that period due to PSD Tooke's management.

    Another stellar pickup for Hoboken. I've heard high marks for him from people on both sides of the aisle.

    Oh and he did a stint with the FBI. ;)

  2. He hasn't showed up in months.

  3. I miss that little varmit. Those beady little eyes, those soft slightly feminine hands, the hidden lifts in his shoes, the velvet buttery utterings of disdain and hatred for the Mayor, the obsequious fawning over his not paid for friend and patron, Bet Mazin, the bushy yet carefully coiffed eyebrow, and, from long ago, the purple pillow. This were the truly good old days.

  4. This most certainly was extortion on the part of this little person with the big ego, who thought he could broker such a deal on behalf of his benefactress, the Harridan of Hudson Street. Just like the seat on the hospital advisory board and whatever influence Russo was peddling when he agreed to accept bribes - it's the coin of their realm.

    A largely unnoticed bit of dialogue before the council of NO voted down the garage sale the first time were utterences by Russo and Castellano which indicated that had the mayor engaged in some kind of political horse-trading, they would have been more receptive to saving our hospital. This is a similar refrain they use whenever they intend to vote NO and scuttle anything which would benefit Hoboken.

    This quid-pro-quo expectation is paralyzing our city and magnifies their incompetence and unwillingness to do the jobs they were elected to perform.

  5. Loose lips sink ships. I'm surprised a few others haven't been gagged by either their loved ones or their lawyers at this point. Will Russo be the only one to flee the dais at the next council meeting?


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