Empathy for Mason

GA received the following letter from a reader who has requested anonymity.

The reason being that his/her observations are those of a person whose own experience with a mentally ill family member allow insight into the behavior of Beth Mason which frankly, most of us don't have.

I know I don't.

I am not a well of empathy for Mason.

I believe that removing someone whose 'condition' has rendered them destructive to our City and its residents needs to happen through the recall process.  I adore Da Horsey, but with respect to his Horse Sense Op-ed beseeching her to resign, GA is convinced someone with her impaired thinking cannot be expected to voluntarily step down.

I see the answer in a recall drive, whether or  not it succeeds.

This reader suggests another alternative in this sensitive and illuminating letter.

I am aware of the markers or the traits of a person with mental health problems.

Dissociative mental health problems. The kind that enable the affected to live and in some cases thrive in society, but leaves in their wake chaos and upheaval, taking a toll on their family and loved ones.

It is pernicious problem, dissociative disorder.

The person afflicted is perfectly in control of their iron clad belief that they are right and that what they think is of course the only way to think about things. That their ambitions and goals are paramount to any one or anything else. That those around them are merely appendages and not really independent people that are hurt and affected by the actions and chaos that the afflicted impose.

It is a ironclad ability to simply be self absorbed coupled with the need to stamp out any opposition which aims to defeat them that can be truly epic in the damage that is wrought.

Against that backdrop, I watched the tapes of the meetings, the statements made in public, the bizarre thought patterns and maniacal hatred of Mayor Zimmer.

I can't pinpoint when I think that Beth jumped the shark and really slid over the line. I can tell you that watching the tape of the City Council meeting last Sunday left me numb and with realization that we have a deeply disturbed woman who has the ability, through her checkbook, to heap havoc on ordinary people on Hoboken, with no concern for the effect or the chaos that is left in her wake.

I watched as she held that three page letter in her hand and in her best Evita evoking performance for the people, with a weird cadence in her voice and a dead look in her eyes, and unequivocally lie about the contents of the letter. Black is white, night is day and heaven is hell. And she believed her statements to be true. But they weren't.

There is no objective spin to be put upon her appearance and performance at the City Council meeting. It was devoid of, and disconnected from, reality. It was the epitome of dissociation.

That she is not entirely gone around the bend is the fact that she pulled back from the precipice of closing the hospital. That her toying and playing with the emotions and the sentiments of the 1,200 workers at the hospital was the chaos and havoc created by her disassociation disorder. The chaplain of the hospital, a lovely woman who I have known for years, had the insight to challenge Mason.

Money coupled with dissociative disorder attracts sycophants and enablers of a wide variety.

From Ricky, her husband, to Lane Bajardi, to the now ever present street thuggish Callicchios. The guilt stricken and the leeches wont talk about the elephant in the room. That elephant is Beth's mental problems.

The afflicted does not view money rationally. It is just a thing to ease their own psychic pain to obtain the object of their fixation . That it is spent irrationally is of no moment if the expenditure advances the goal. And there is no objective or rational evaluation of the effectiveness of their money spending.

Beth's mental problems started showing around the time that she created a fictitious other self in the resume that GA so aptly demolished. Who is that person in the resume that Beth created? Is that who Beth wants to be, or thinks that she is/was? The reality is far from the wonderfully successful business woman that Beth created. That person is disassociated form Beth's reality. But then Beth thinks she is that person. She is disassociated from reality.

The warning signs were there all along.

But money and a family's understandable love and caring make it hard to deal with the elephant in the room. Make no mistake, that elephant has grown and almost sat on the hospital and crushed it.

It is time for Beth's family to take her aside, send her on a cruise for the "cure" say she needs to shake out her nerves, needs a time out. Whatever excuse they think that they need to get her professional help. And Hoboken politicos need to stop enabling the inevitable downfall of a mentally sick woman.

Yes, Russo and Tim, I mean you.

I have a hard time watching the public melt down of a mentally unstable person. It has becoming an unpleasant spectator sport that should not be sanctioned.
Thank you, Reader.   

GA appreciates that you shared your very personal, painful insights with us. Now, enough of that kinder, gentler stuff.

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Beth Mason supporter, Stick Romano.

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