JJ: Cammy to be Sprung Early

The Jersey Journal online  is now reporting what GA reported on June 22: that Cammy is being sprung from jail 7 months early.

I suppose it's not news until the mainstream media gets it.

So instead of early October 2012, Cammy goes home on March 11, 2012.

That's about a 30% sentence reduction.  Wow.

Now if anyone still thinks he's getting off early for 'good time credit' allow me to disabuse you of that.    From the FAQ on 'good time credit' by a group called Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM):

6. When is good time credited to a prisoner’s sentence?

 The statute says that good time is counted at the end of each year that the prisoner is incarcerated, beginning at the end of the person’s first year in prison. The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) gives itself 15 days from the last day of each year of the sentence to calculate good time. For example, if a prisoner’s first day in prison was April 1, 2008, the end of the first year in prison is April 1, 2009, and the BOP must calculate the good time earned by April 16, 2009 (15 days from the last day of each year of the sentence). The last day of this 15-day period is called the “vested date.”

When the BOP has to credit good time for a partial year (when the prisoner has less than a full year left to serve), the BOP gives itself 6 weeks before the last day of the sentence to calculate how much prorated good time to credit. In this case, the vested date is the last day of the prisoner’s sentence. On the vested date, good time is officially “credited.” If the BOP does not calculate the earned good time by the vested date, the BOP must give the prisoner the full award of good time. Good time also cannot be awarded before it has been earned. See 18 U.S.C. § 3624(b) (2008).

So, Cammy's been imprisoned for less than a year and therefore not eligible for good time credit.  In fact, his good time credit won't even be calculated until October 19, 2011- about 3 months from now.

For those skeptical of anything posted on the blogs- especially mine- the Jersey Journal  breaking the same news that appeared on this site 3 weeks ago should have met your standard of proof.

It's true.

And now that you know he's not being sprung because he ate all his Wheaties, think about how one would get 30% of their federal prison sentence lopped off.  In the midst of what is rumored to be the next phase of the ongoing, long-term investigation into political corruption in NJ called 'Operation Bid Rig' (Cammy was swept up in Operation Bid Rig- Phase 3).

About Operation Bid Rig: it started in 2002 and is being conducted by the FBI, IRS and the U.S. Attorney for the District of NJ. And it's resulted in the indictments of more than 60 public officials and politically connected persons since its inception. There's no reason to think it ever stopped after the arrest of Cammy and 43 others on July 23, 2009.  Nope, the FBI's zeroed in on Hoboken and seems to have tapped a certain former mayor in exchange for his early release.

It should be quite a harvest when Bid Rig 4 drops.

What could Cammy have said?  And about whom?


  1. Oddly, the Hoboken Reporter also choose today to do the same story MSV did which Grafix Avenger broke last month.

    See GA, you get no respect and no credit from those guys. Learn to love it like MSV.

    After a few times, you don't even care.

    I've seen the future and it's not the dishonest local media Editors.

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  3. I can only say thank you to both of you, GA and Smarty, and repeat what you already know, and that's the fact that delivery of news is and will be in a state of dramatic overhaul. The tried-and-true rules are out the window and I'm sure we can't predict what the landscape will look like in just a few years. For all practical purposes, "credentialed journalism" is and will increasingly be an anachronism in the real world, and too often there is and will be an inverse relationship to vested interest and accuracy. Hopefully, the truth will in the long term triumph, but IMO keep your wagers on that low. And of course "they" give informational vanguards like you no respect, the mainstream media are embarrassed to be comparatively still conceptually in a horse and buggy.

  4. Same deal with November ELECs. They showed up on Patch and HR, 1 day apart, 4 weeks after MSV.


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