FedX: Return to Sender

GA's got a new source  who seems to know a little too much about the FBI operations in Hoboken to chalk up to intuition.

While he declined to tell me about himself, he's sworn up and down  that he's not with the Feds. Currently. 

Which leaves me to believe his knowledge came from the inside, perhaps as a former federal agent.  Which is why I'm calling him FedX.

GA can tell you this: FedX delivers. Overnight. Or on the same day.  And you don't have to sign for the package.  BOOM.  He just drops it and runs.

And what FedX brings can't be published without some obfuscation-  enough to conceal identities including his own, enough to protect the investigation while conveying what's happening.

So why's he talking?   

Be damned if I know.  But you know the saying: don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  Or express freight delivery, first thing in the morning.

Knock knock... package for you Ma'am.

Thanks, but don't call me Ma'am.

Here's what FedX delivered today.

The Feds have worked their way up from the bottom and are putting the squeeze on 'friends' of those in their cross hairs.  In other words, they're at the 1 degree of separation mark from their targets. Very close. Which brings me to something I can't tell you... yet. But it has everything to do with the move of a certain organization.

More: a run for defense attorneys this week expected.  GA asked FedX, "How many?". His response: how many shoes does Imelda Marcos have in her closet?

I have no idea.  I guess she's got more than I do.  Which leads to my next question: can I wear black shoes with a navy blue purse?

Surely  Imelda doesn't have those worries. Does anyone know if she still keeps her husband in the fridge?  He must have freezer burn by now. I mean, why do that?  Does she keep him around for a peek here and there?  Then why not have him stuffed and mounted?  At least she could hold his hand.

Um.. where was I?

Oh yes, the FedX package.  Lots of boots on the ground.  Lots of visits.  Folks are being watched.

And lots of familiar faces putting on a show. For the rest of us.


  1. Now there's an article guaranteed to sell a lot of brown pants.

  2. To see what transpires don't just scratch and sniff,
    Open your nose and take a good wiff,
    People will talk, rat out, and dance,
    What is that smell? Is it "Pupie" in the pants?

    Some like to brag and talk the talk,
    But when the FBI comes will they walk the perp walk,
    How a will this go in making Hoboken more famous,
    will it ensnare political operatives of Mason and Ramos?

    If the outcome is what we think that would be great,
    But I prefer to wait until the verdict rather than speculate,
    I hope the FBI shows their resolve and their drive,
    In the words of liberal Jesee Jackson "Keep Hope Alive"!


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