Al's Epiphany

Yesterday was a terrific day at Grafix Avenger and now I have a couple of announcements to make.

First, Al Sullivan is officially my sight-unseen ex-boyfriend after a 13-minute relationship that reached the heights of passion and the depths of... well, no depths really. Like a Roman candle, it was spectacular before it fell to earth. But we decided to remain friends.

So for my next announcement.

Once a former Grafix detractor my often-cruel and unworthy ex-boyfriend has now joined the bloggery biz with not ONE but THREE new blogs! (Can we say 'show-off', people?)

They are:
Wow. Talk about high-energy.

The guy starts 3 blogs in one day, and here I am bitching on a daily basis how hard it is to keep up with ONE stinking blog.

Maybe that's why it didn't work out out between us: he was always BUSY. No time for ME. The first 6 minutes were great, but the other 7... all downhill. And that 13th minute was sheer hell.

Check out Al Sullivan's Blogger profile. And look which blog he follows. MSV and HJ, read it and weep.

I think he needs to get that checked out.

Now for my third announcement, which will come as no surprise to you if read the conversation following yesterday's blogpost...

Al's had an epiphany.

Take a look at that, folks.

Can you believe it? My abusive and inhuman ex-boyfriend decided he likes the Grafix Avenger blog!

Oh, happy day!

Because now I won't be dodging any more of his deft verbal grenades and those nasty political ops planting BADSEEDs in his ear, well... let's see how that goes over now. Because...

Al likes ME!

It turns out my hugely disappointing ex-boyfriend is quite a decent fellow but don't tell him I said that.


  1. GA

    Mo and the Crude will not take kindly to this. How are they going to keep the myth alive that you are this horrible person that needs to be stopped at any cost. Or is that Mike Lenz? Whatever, congrats to you and Al. So what do you get when you cross a Sully with a GA? A SUVenger, perhaps?


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