Deadly Cutlet

In a departure from politics, this post is about chicken.

No, not that guy.

It's more of a public service announcement, a cautionary tale of a 'boneless' Perdue baked chicken cutlet carrying a concealed weapon.

A bone.

An inch long.

Had I been the one to find it, I'd probably have praised the crunchiness and unusually sharp texture. Unfortunately it was LA (Little Avenger) who cried, "Ouch!" Then spit it out.

Well, better to find a bone in your chicken cutlet than a beak or a claw, and comforting to know that the processed meat was (most likely) from a chicken, not a squirrel. However, since many parents substitute high-quality home-cooked foods their kids reject for this sort of dreck, I am telling you to be careful. For young children, I'd serve it cut in small-sized pieces -- 'cause you never know.

I do consider this a rare event, and am not suggesting a cutlet boycott.

Just beware.

I've saved the package and will be notifying the manufacturer.

Poor LA. Now she's got chicken cutlet-phobia.


  1. I prefer to liquify my food and drink,
    what was in the cutlet really makes you think,
    It is shame what happened to LA,
    The quality of food has gone astray,
    Now every time she eats chicken she will blink.


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