Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sh*t-Show on Tap Monday Night

Parking lot birthday

Holy cow!  Is it true?

Published yesterday on MSV:
 A Special Board Meeting has been scheduled and will be held on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 94 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, for the following purposes: ...
4. Resolution terminating the contract of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia,  
5. Resolution appointing acting Executive Director 
Apparently so!  What does it mean?  

Does it mean no more $38.5K wee-wee-pads installed in HHA elevators?  You know, to keep the urine in the elevator where it belongs.

$665K to renovate 2 community rooms and a laundry room? 

$106.1K for a roof replacement at 655 6th street? 

What about those 14 Blue Star "new model" generators ordered with federal grant money, that just celebrated their first birthday in an HHA parking lot?   Happy birthday!

'Word on the street' is the generators were ordered for Vision 20/20.  Recall that the developer who was selected to build Vision 20/20 did not include back-up generators in his contract- a fact which Mayor Zimmer pointed out in her letter of May 1, 2013.  Here is what the Mayor wrote:

"I was shocked to learn that despite experiences with the power outages in Hurricane Irene and Sandy, that the project did not include a back up generator.  The developer made clear it was not part of the building design"

Well, 14 "Sandy-proof" generators were purchased in 2012, and are sitting in packing materials in an HHA parking lot since they were delivered in the summer of 2013.  Last April 30, the HHA went dark,  trapping at least one person in an elevator, and reminding folks that wouldn't have happened if those big metal hulks haunting the parking lot had been installed.

Just 2 months earlier, on February 23,the Hudson Reporter had these comforting words for HHA residents: 

The new generators were designed for outside use and specifically built to withstand Sandy-type forces of nature, HUD said, so they are confident that they will remain undamaged until spring. Garcia said that if not, they’re covered by a full warranty.In fact, HUD said, the generators were delivered in fall on purpose. At the time, HUD, Garcia and the vendor were aware that inclement weather might be looming, but the manufacturer wanted to prove that its new model generator, more powerful than previous iterations, could withstand the elements.
What a relief!

And leaving the generators in the parking lot proves they can withstand the test of time!

The generators' residency in an HHA parking lot has fueled rumor amongst HHA residents that the generators were ordered for Vision 20/20.   If true, the rumor raises questions whether they were properly-sized and engineered to work with the existing HHA buildings.  

Anyway, the generators, which operate fire suppression systems, were presumably on-order and being fabricated at the time Chief Blohm appeared at an HHA meeting  on February 14, 2013.   As GA reported on April 4, 2013: 
On February 5, 2013 HHA ED Carmelo Garcia was slapped with a Notice of Violation citing that he had "failed obtain the proper Building Permits for all the City of Hoboken housing buildings that were damaged by the Super Storm Sandy: electrical wiring, panels, switch gear, motors, motor controls, fire system and fire panels, fire pumps and any building structures"

Then on February 14, 2013 Chief Blohm appeared at the HHA to deliver his findings to the HHA Commissioners. There the public learned the stunning news:  6 HHA buildings were without properly functioning generators.

What do building generators do in a fire?  They power emergency lighting, exits signs, alarms, electric motor pumps for sprinklers.

One of the buildings with NO GENERATOR was 501 Marshall Drive, where the 5th floor meth lab found by police on Monday. 

Why do you think GA's been making a stink about these generators?

Thank G-d, nobody has been hurt, or worse- yet.  But, the HHA could be one catastrophe- a fire or extreme weather event- away from tragedy.  The black-out at the HHA last April 30 should have been a wake-up call. 

But I digress... 

As HHA Theater goes, next Monday promises to be a sh*t-show extraordinaire.  

I want Bayonne peeps to pay close attention.  GA hears Beth Mason has bought her way into the Davis camp.  Yep.  So, next Monday you may watch the spectacle in Hoboken, and see what you (allegedly) bought.  Or what (allegedly) bought you

Don't worry, Bayonne peeps.  

Should you have 'elevator problems' at Bayonne City Hall, your (alleged) gal can afford to buy $38.5K vinyl Pampers to swaddle it.  And that's what it's all about, right?

left: Violation Notice issued to HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia on 2/5/13, top right: 501 Marshall Drive, location of meth lab bot right: typical household ingredients used to make meth

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exception to New 72-Hour "No Booting" Policy?

I  mean, she's been parked on the City Council for 7 years...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"It may be BIG, but it's still a LIZARD."

It's BIG, alright!   

But, the Japanese soldier who uttered that line in last night's showing of  "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus," was right:  "It may be BIG, but it's still a LIZARD."

(Okay, he said it 3 seconds before he got squashed under a giant lizard-foot, but those words resonated with GA so I jotted them down.) 

GA loves that line; a variant of 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall,' only funnier.

It has it's application right here in Hoboken, where giant lizards walk amongst us, wreaking havoc not with fiery breath, but with checkbooks.

Here's how Godzilla was dispatched last night: with  an experimental satellite-based weapon that fires miniature black holes!  WOW!

(But no explanation for what happened to the teeny, matter-eating  black holes after they swallowed their targets. )

Battling Hoboken's Checkzilla is not that simple. Unlike ToHo's lizard, this one attracts the most debased reptilian-human hybrids who feed off the checkbook which somehow makes them believe they are invincible.

Are they?

The movie's not over!

In Godzilla vs. Megaguirus human qualities of intelligence and creativity conquered the creature; those are things that money can't buy.

Good and evil forces in ToHo movies are easy to spot: has it got scales?  BAD.  Does it wear shoes?  GOOD.   In Hoboken, our beast gets plenty of help. So, while endings here not as predictable as those in ToHo movies, remember the words of that brave Japanese soldier before he got flattened like a tortilla:

"It may be BIG, but it's still a LIZARD."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have a Seat

Sit back and relax.

Don't let those springs, straps and built-in explosive device fool you... it feels better than a La-Z-Boy.  

Can anybody guess what it 'does'?

It's a historic artifact aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum where the GA crew went on Sunday, following a cloudy Saturday here:

No jellyfish,  plenty of shells
And so the summer goes!  

Weekdays, I take LA to Manhattan (art institute), weekends we do 'stuff.'

Folks, GA did not plan to drop off the radar, it just happened.  Keeping an eleven-year old off the computer is a full-time job. 

I hope you-all are having a great summer, wherever you are!

Where are you?

GA will post as time allows this summer, then will get back to 'normal' once again.   In the meantime, here's how another member of my family is spending her summer:

Dreaming of salmon?