September Surprise

Here's an exchange I had with a well-placed source:
GA:  Is [redacted] still backing DeFusco?

Source: He/she never was.  He/she's waiting till the file deadline.

The filing deadline to get on the November ballot is September 5; to withdraw it's September 15.   In the last election cycle,  a ticket emerged about a week before the filing deadline; Tim Occhipinti announced on August 26, 2013.  That late ticket is believed by some to have altered the outcome of the race.

Who is redacted?   Its more fun if you don't know. 

Here are some hints.

If  redacted does throw in, GA believes that like the 2013 late ticket, a redacted ticket will alter the outcome of the race.

Redacted has name recognition on a par with Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano, and the allegiance of experienced operatives.

Redacted will be a body blow to the Romano and DeFusco campaigns.

Redacted has serious political skills- talent from the gene pool.

Redacted has baggage but his loyal supporters don't care.

Redacted doesn't have much cash, but you may see DeFusco donors and supporters jump ship.

Redacted has as much chance as any one when the Hoboken pie is divided into many slices.

Are we having fun yet? 


  1. think i'll watch some old FBI surveillance video tapes while i ponder this...

  2. [redacted] sure sounded like a candidate at the last council meeting though I'm sure a lot of "progressive democrats" would not be all that happy about [redacted] proudly claiming to be one of them. Though sadly officials like [redacted] have been most of what the Hudson County and Hoboken versions of the democratic party has had to offer as supposed "progressives."

    Just as interesting was DeFusco incoherently echoing Horsey's complaints about the resolution being somehow inappropriate and "political" while Giattino voted for it without comment.

    I certainly was glad to see Jen stand up for NJ's right to make its own laws within its own borders (upheld as constitutional by the 3rd circuit) and support the resolution. But it was odd to see DeFusco carrying what he incorrectly seemed to think (thanks to Horsey's nonsense), was Jen's water against Ravi and his ticket.

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

    1. I agree with numbers cruncher in that it seems that a certain prominent mayoral candidate backed off his full throated support for symbolic gun legislation but someone else was ready to pounce. That pouncer was none other than Mike Dinergate Russo.

      He declared he is the true progressive Denocratic official while a Suez conflicted member of the City Council was more muted. We know Miley is a grandstander but that almost sounded like a campaign announcement.

      On this lead GA may just be right.

    2. "Suez-conflicted member"? Um... no, as a matter of fact, stay tuned Grand Wizard.


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