Facebook DELETES FAKE DeFusco account!

Mike Defusco's Mailer #1

Folks, GA warned you yesterday: Hoboken candidate Mike DeFusco has created FAKE facebook accounts-- Putin-style!  Why?  To flood the internet with fake news, vicious comments, and post opposition research against opponents Ravi Bhalla, Jen Giattino, and Anthony 'Stick' Romano. 

Well, guess what?

Facebook BUSTED Mike DeFusco

Facebook has deleted Mike DeFusco's FAKE account under the name "Stephan Borr".

How do I know?

Because GA reported it!   I researched the ID and found no legal documents on file for a "Stephan Borr" in Hoboken- zip - GA even contacted "Stephan Borr", well...  I was convinced the account was a FRAUD.

Facebook concurred. 

The fake DeFusco account and all the fake comments are GONE. 


The DeFusco campaign created the fraudulent "Stephan Borr" Facebook account on July 13, 2017. Borr allegedly attended Stevens University and lived in Hoboken.  Somehow, "Stephan Borr" was a font of opposition research attacking DeFusco challengers- "Borr" even attacked commenters who dissented with Mike DeFusco!

All GA can say is: Ha, Ha, Ha!   Be on the lookout for more DeFusco FRAUD.

The DeFusco campaign is LOADED with developer cash, has no scruples, and will try to steal this election with a Moscow-style disinformation campaign.

If you believe a Facebook account is fake, REPORT it or contact GA I'll check it out.  People: only report accounts that you believe to be fraudulent. 

In the meantime, nasty, NEGATIVE Mike sent out the first mailer of the election season!


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