UPDATED: DeFusco censors Calicchio on Facebook!

In response to this article, two sources contacted GA to say that Hoboken political operative Matt Calicchio is not "with" DeFusco, and is often seen hanging around Romano's headquarters.

One source believed the reason was that Calicchio was bullied by DeFusco's magnificently coiffed campaign strategist.

Anyway, GA has updated the original story to accordingly, since it appears that Matt "Flashlight" Calicchio is supporting the campaign of Anthony 'Stick' Romano.

Stuff a candidate with money, arm him with rogues, flatter his blooming narcissism.

When his ego is blown up like a Macy's Day float, let him chose whose First Amendment discourse pleases him (and whose does not.)  Dissent- bad.  All must adore, compliment and most of all, agree.   If real agreement is not found, manufacture it.  Fake social media accounts will flatter him and smite his enemies. Flood Facebook and Twitter.   Censor your critics on social media.  Next, censor friends who criticize you....

FrankenBeth transformation complete!

Take a look at this Mike Defusco for Mayor Facebook screenshot sent to me last night.

Note whose comments got deleted and what he wrote:  

original screencap: Mike DeFusco for Mayor

Get it?

Defusco for Mayor DELETED political operative Matt Calicchio's comments- all of them; Calicchio had been defending Anthony 'Stick' Romano, the target of DeFusco's latest attack ad.


Agree or disagree, Calicchio seems to be taking a reasonable position,and in a civil manner.

Calicchio states that he doesn't see Romano running for 2 positions as a "bad thing"- a statement which is clearly opinion.  His opinion.  Calicchio even provides the reason he "sees" this when listing various positions that Romano has held consecutively or concurrently.  

To which DeFusco petulantly replies:
"If you don't recognize the disrespect he's showing the voters by asking for their votes for two seats when he will not be able to vote for both, you clearly don't understand what public service actually means"

Calicchio wasn't having any of DeFusco's snotty takedown, and replied:

ZAP ZAP ZAP!  Calicchio's comments are gone.

The only comments allowed to remain are this sycophantic drivel:

What kind of insufferable mayor would this guy make?

Does this need for flattery remind you of anyone?


  1. HA!...how long until developers start giving MDF a folder with printouts of positive stories about himself twice a day, LOL!

  2. You all realize we're probably gonna be debating going back to run off elections after this shit show is over and Candidate X wins with less than 40% of the vote (in a city with less than 50% turnout).

    1. If all the candidates remain in the race, I was thinking the next mayor could win with less than 33% of the vote. As tiring as the runoffs were in 2009 the democratic system ultimately worked. Never been a fan of the winner takes all; I don't think a lot of Hobokenites don't realize what they relinquished.

  3. He also deleted Calicchio's comments on his high school boondoggle. Sorry, if you can't hold your own with wrestle mania, hang it up.


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