BUSTED: FAKE Twitter account impersonates U.C. Berkeley grad

 TWITTER account @Travisjmiliken impersonates... 

Well folks, today brings us another Russian-style fake social media account. 

Not only couldn't GA find any online trace of  "Travis Miliken" (or any "Milikens" in New Jersey) but it took all of 10 seconds to find that the account was impersonating a young college graduate on the west coast. 

Of course, GA is a layperson on matters of law.  In my layperson's opinion, stealing someone's image to impersonate a fake social media persona (and one who spouts bigoted remarks: "How about you focus on streets that don't look like your native lands grand bazaar?") could be actionable.

Maybe it's not.  But certainly, impersonating a young man on a Twitter account is despicable, immoral and suggests the actor(s) may be a psychopath(s).

About psychopathology from Psychiatry Today:

So, how did GA spot this "Proud liberal and Hobokenite!  Ready for Hillary!" was a fraud?


Keep in mind that some fake social media IDs are created by political operatives far in advance, to establish a "history" before they start throwing bombs and/or spreading disinformation.

So who is responsible for this?  GA has no idea.  Let's ask "Travis".

What do you think, people?


  1. Brings me back to simpler times.... Lane and Perry looking up posters and reviewing options for getting them in trouble at work.... Now we have angry robots. So much less personal than those more innocent times.

    Defusco got $75k at the birthday party he threw for himself. Admission was 20 bucks. Unless 3750 people showed up, some real money is being tossed around this year. Hence the tech upgrade from basement dwelling misanthropes to angry robots.

    Ah, progress!

    1. Almost makes you miss those middle of the the night attack flyers showing up on cars, trees and poles all over town.

  2. wow! Great work GA. I wonder if the usual suspects will weigh in again with their explanation about how poor stupid little GA just doesn't understand how Facebook works.

    1. Well I like how she just ASSUMES tha Alexis Ashot didn't steal Travis Miliken's picture.

  3. Calling HobokenOut, please come in, HobokenOut. Clean up in aisle Facebook, over. Hello? Hello?...is this thing on?

  4. I have a bit of a different take.

    To be honest, I expect this type of behavior from Mike DeFusco now, sadly (what happened Mike, you are becoming Mason). What I don't expect is silence from Roman and reformers associated with Jen. The former reformer know as Horsey would have been the first one to call out clear dark side tactics, especially since he's been the victim before. I guarantee you that if his infallible perfect Jen was the subject of these attacks he would call them out.

    For me, the silence of the so-called Reformers is loudest here. They used to be for Good Government. Look at them now. Sitting on their hands, not saying a word while a Reformer is being attacked by fake social media accounts.

    People like Roman (there are others) have actually spent more time publicly (as measured by words per post) shooting at Reformers this cycle than fighting non-sense corroding our body politic. They should take a long look in the mirror. To quote Dr. King:

    "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

    1. i wish this blog had "like" buttons on comments, i'd give this one multiple thumbs up. this year, it appears petty competitiveness/selfishness has trumped the importance of good government and the greater good. i get that reformers prefer different candidates, nothing wrong with that. but this race has revealed the true character of some folks, very disappointing.

  5. nicely put All Hoboken as well as ME! Romano must be LOVING this.....


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