The Stack is BACK (& he's gunning for STICK)

GA's favorite 33rd LDS NJ State Senator, Brian Stack is BACK!  In Hoboken!

Hey, GA was furious when, with barely 12 hours notice, I found out that Mayor Zimmer was stepping down.

GA can only imagine how that handsome devil from Union City must have felt! 

You know, Brian Stack is not the busy-body type. He has generally left Hoboken to its own devices.  But...

Stack decided to get involved in Hoboken's mayoral this time, endorsing Mayor Zimmer, because of a Hudson County power-play by allies of rival LD 32 State Senator Nick Sacco.  Specifically, Sacco aide Joey Muniz, a close friend of 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, was throwing his weight around on behalf of Hoboken mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco.  Muniz was essentially trying to push Romano out of DeFusco's way, and 'move in' to Hoboken, Stack's turf.

Oh no, girlfriend. 

LD 33 State Senator Stack was NOT having it.  So, he threw his considerable weight behind Hoboken Mayor Zimmer with a March 27, 2017 endorsement.   That endorsement seemed to send the 32nd Legislative District interlopers scurrying.

Then on June 20, Mayor Zimmer told the world from the steps of Hoboken City Hall that she was dropping out of the mayoral race!

Can you imagine how the remarkably powerful, possibly mighty, Brian Stack felt about that?

So, GA assumed "once bitten, twice shy" and that Stack would simply peer down from his Union City cliff on us mortal Hoboken fools and shake his head in disgust. Who could blame him?  I disgust myself.

Anyway, GA figured that Stack would stay far, far away from Hoboken for awhile... and it looked that way until this happened, according to InsiderNJ: 

GA just spoke to Stick Romano who feels "terrible... [he] didn't know that Stack had a problem with this guy at all..." and wants to make amends.

I will tell you, Romano sounded upset. He told GA, "this is not about politics, I don't want the guy to think I was trying to hurt him..."

GA thinks his regret was sincere.

In any case, GA is hoping that incredibly compassionate, devilishly handsome 33rd LDS State Senator does come back to Hoboken- for a Reform candidate, that is.  C'mon.

I'll even forgive Brian Stack for forgetting my birthday card this year. 

Yeah, he did.  But look who remembered!


  1. Brian Stack is a pig - he's in the trough as mayor, he's in the trough as assemblyman. He's paid for both. Hence, I call him a pig. I wish the FBI would finally get him and get rid of him for us.

    1. tell us how you really feel, snoopy! ;)

    2. I guess the real question is does me agree with snoopy?

    3. I also felt a bit schizophrenic typing that post.


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