Meet Hoboken's 8th mayoral candidate!

Are you ready, folks?

Sources report that Hoboken activist Patty Waiters has picked up petitions for a mayoral run!

Waiters, fresh off her failed run for Hoboken Freeholder, is undeterred by having lost every Hoboken municipal, county and School Board race she has ever entered.

This wouldn't be the first time Waiters has run for Hoboken Mayor; in 2009 she was in the mayoral  Primary with Dawn Zimmer, Beth Mason, Peter Cammarano, Frank Raia, Kimberly Glatt, Everton Wilson, Nathan Brinkman and... have I forgotten anyone?

 Here's Waiters participating in Our Lady of Grace's 2009 Mayoral Forum- I was there!

Kim Glatt bussed in dozens of folks from Union City wearing "Glatt-iator" t-shirts... OLG's hall was noisy, crowded...

And the 2017 field is shaping up to surpass 2009 in the number of candidates!

Folks, we are headed for a WILD one.


  1. I can confirm I saw Patricia Waiters on the Mayoral list at the City Clerk's Office today. Jimmy Farina was a consummate professional when I picked up my petitions for City Council at Large.

  2. If Mason runs, that makes 9. Assume Farmers Ramos/Raia will reap a 4th ward harvest. Reform has a shot if we unite behind one candidate.

    1. I'd state it slightly differently: Reform has a shot ONLY if we unite behind one candidate.

      This is like a bad dream, I can't believe we might not unite around one candidate and as a result could lose so much of the progress that's been made. Please, Reform, put egos aside and focus of the greater good of Hoboken. We all lose if we don't.

  3. Replies
    1. What about Mike's running mate? He DONATED to Trump for President! Which means he VOTED for that corrupt toddler. You know, the guy who wants to repeal Obamacare and throw 32 million Americans off their insurance plans. Perfectly consistent with Rand Paul's Tea Party ethos.

    2. Jen is the one running .. she voted for Trump and has a direct conexion to Christie ... I think that is more harmful ... but again .. #GreedyRepublican

    3. Mikes running mate is running too. That's where that root word "run" is coming from. Mike created this issue. He wants ideological purity, he has to demonstrate ideological purity. As the saying goes, he brought it up.

    4. Hobokened Out- Jen has not answered whether she voted for Trump, and for the record, her campaign says she did not.

      How does Mike reconcile his Tea Party Trump-donating ticket with his statements to Giattino?

    5. Well .. I wouldn't answer had I voted for trump / destroy life in every sense .. she knows that a republican has no chance in Hoboken .. I'm sure she is great .. but after work .. when she is home .. she agrees with someone who is a misogynist.. fascist , racist, cares nothing about healthcare.. etc .. how can she be the one to represent hoboken .. SERIOUSLY.. if you think she can do it because she's Jen .. you are wrong .. two wrongs do not make a right.. she is WRONG .. running as a republican .. running against Ravi and being part of that group that OBVIOUSLY does not match her bloody behavior !!

      (Bloody as in .. yeah .. people won't get healthcare and will die .. women won't get reproductive health rights .. etc ).

  4. I'm not a MDF fan (obviously) but he makes a valid point in this week's Reporter: Jen boasts of being a three-time council president and a key part of all the great things achieved by the current administration, yet also says the city need new thinking (a "refresh") and cites how the current administration has missed the mark. can't really have it both ways, can you? Trying to reap the benefits of all the good things achieved in the recent past while at the same time slagging off the missed opportunities of the recent past, kind of a contradictory/confused message, no?

    That contradiction is an easy arrow to fling at Jen. Couple that with being a Republican in what is still a staunchly Democratic town and her chances seem weaker than Ravi's.

  5. The question is this: Will there be more mayoral candidates than republican presidential primary candidates?

  6. Omg are you serious. I wouldn't vote for her if she was the only one running.


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