Friday fixin's

Good morning, peeps- it's a beautiful day.

GA's got a bit of catching up to do on the Hoboken election-news front...  

Yesterday the Giattino campaign announced the candidate had filed petitions solo, being the first Hoboken mayoral candidate to do so.  Her petitions were accepted by two candidates, Anthony 'Stick' Romano and Michael DeFusco, who both thanked her profusely and agreed "more voices are better" before they retreated to a rear office to slug it out.

GA checked in the the Bhalla campaign on the status of their petitions.

I was told that "Jen is [borrowing] the strategy of Rebecca Symes in Jersey City. We briefly pondered it but thought it was a waste of time."

GA was told the campaign will file the whole ticket together, not piecemeal.

I had to look up Rebecca Symes... her Ward E race is very similar to the Hoboken mayoral, in the number of candidates:  "LGBTQ activist Michael Billy, funeral home director and longtime Jersey City resident Nick Grillo, Evict Trump-Kushner activist James Solomon, and Jake Hudnut, mayoral challenger Bill Matsikoudis’ running mate."

So, it makes sense to get out ahead of the pack, but then Symes is not running with a slate.

Heinis wrote on July 13: "Earlier today the candidate filed 354 petitions for nomination, with 254 needed to get on the November 7th ballot. She also said she plans on filing “significantly more” between now and the September 5th deadline."

Sound familiar?

Ward E is not as large as Hoboken, not as white as Hoboken, and (anecdotally) more culturally diverse.

Ward E data (2012):
Total Population: 38,303                                                
White: 45%
Black: 17%
Asian: 20 %
Other: 14%
More than 1 race: 5%

Hoboken data (Census 2010):
Population: 50,005
White alone 82%
Black or African American alone, 3.5%
American Indian and Alaska Native a 0.1%
Asian alone, percent,  7.1%
Two or More Races, percent  2.6%
Hispanic or Latino, percent, 15.2%
Hispanic (overlaps with above): 27%

Hey, who can knock a strategy to try to stand-out in a very crowded field?  Getting signatures does not incur cost, just time and effort.

More news:  Giattino will be announcing her slate in Church Square Park at 12:30PM- so be there or be square!

GA's got more fixin's on the grill... see you later!