Earwitness News: Pupie makes a move

The theme of Hoboken's 2017 mayoral election may be "betrayal"- that is, if today's Earwitness Q-Tipster is not full of wax!

We've got betrayal of Reform by Mike DeFusco, betrayal of Anthony 'Stick' Romano by his so-called friends threatening to destroy him if he doesn't get out of the way, some feel betrayed by the split in Reform, and now... DeFusco donor Frank Raia appears poised to betray Mike DeFusco!

That is, if this Q-Tipster got it right (pretty sure he/she did!).

Hot off GA's earlobe...

Pupie Raia called Romano and told him if he doesn't drop out that he would also run.

Whoa!  Holy shiv-in-DeFusco's-back!


Props to Raia- it's a smart move and not as crazy as it sounds...


Nine candidates.

In the 2013 mayoral, a grand total of 16,334 ballots were cast (machine, provisional, mail-in).

Zimmer's grand total of ballots cast: 6,123.

If the Reform 'split' holds until election day, it's anybody's race. 

Now, with Raia's Fourth Ward VBM harvest which he can bankroll independently... that's quite an advantage.


Frank Raia has as good a chance as Mike DeFusco (or anyone else) to be Hoboken's next mayor; it's something he's always wanted.

Remember this from Raia's 2009 mayoral campaign?

So, what happens to the DeFusco Moola Juggernaut, rumored to be developers Dave Barry, the Tedesco's, Greg Dellaquila and Raia,  if Pupie splits?

And... does Raia have anything to do with Waiters' entry into the mayoral?  He reportedly bankrolled her Freeholder campaign against 'Stick' Romano.

In short, if Raia goes his own way, its because he thinks DeFusco can't win (and he can), thereby screwing DeFusco: (1) no 4th Ward harvest (2) will take Old Guard votes (3) no more contributions.


Personally, GA does NOT understand the 2017 coalition backing DeFusco.

For example, how does Raia end up on the team with (DeFusco fundraiser) Carmelo Garcia after Garcia famously trashed Pupie as a ""fucking buffoon" on the infamous King Rat Tape.

Good luck, Frank if you go your own way. 


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