DeFusco's Developer Luvin' ZBA Record!

Former ZBA Commissioner Michael DeFusco reliably voted to grant developer variances in 2014- stay tuned for his whole record, it stinks!

Folks, this is just the beginning.

If anything gets GA's  back up, its when the reputation of a decent, honorable person is trashed by an ethically and morally bankrupt political wanna-be.

Has anyone heard Mike DeFusco add anything positive to our election discourse?

Yesterday's instant press release attacking Aibel, links to a smear where DeFusco lists ZBA applications from 2012-2017 he alleges prove Aibel is Satan's uncle twice-removed.   Boy, has DeFusco opened a Pandora's Box on his own voting ZBA record.

But really, what a dirty, nasty campaign. And trust me, this is just the beginning.

DeFusco has a new pinata- Jim Aibel, a guy universally despised by the same developers who pump cash into Mike's campaign like they're stuffing a turkey.

And he is.  A turkey.  Don't believe me? Watch this video.


Listen, for the 4 years that GA served with  Jim Aibel on Hoboken's Zoning Board of Adjustments, we didn't agree on every application, but I never for a moment doubted his integrity and good faith interpretation of the law as the basis for his votes.


So, to have this pisher  (Yiddish) attacking the votes of a former colleague he served with on the Zoning Board is a shonde


a nobody or inexperience person

This literally means someone who pees or takes a piss. This comes from the German word "pischen" which means "to piddle".


  1. He has more experience than you .. schmendrik

  2. Dirty - nasty as in real facts that people oughta know ? It is obvious you are pro Ravi and anti smart development , another reason why this town needs a change .
    Your last post was regarding how much you like Aibel , a total anti developer , yeah .. that will help Jen , she has another hurdle to jump now ..

  3. HobokenedOut--

    Yes, Mike does have more experience than GA in voting for variance requests seeking fundamental zone changes that would have resulted in inappropriate spot zoning.

    Changes in the permitted uses in a zone require five affirmative votes instead of the usual majority of four votes. Mike DeFusco never got close to persuading five experienced board members to vote in favor of his developer friends' spot zoning requests.

    His one vote to deny a massive use variance for the 900 Monroe application which was seeking well over 500 residential units had nothing to do with the proper application of zoning law. His nose was in a snit because the developer refused to buy his vote by agreeing to reroute a bike path DeFusco said was intended by the Master Plan. He likes to bike so he pulled out a provision that he liked and ignored the multiple reasons the application was inconsistent with the Master Plan.

    His voting block Grana and Cohen didn't give a hoot about his great concern for biking in the Master Plan and continued their pattern of believing they know what is best for Hoboken and usurping the power of the City Council to establish the zone plan and bulk requirements.

    Bottom line is that Jim Aibel led an experienced board to save the right to plan and implement development for the elected representatives of the citizens of Hoboken rather than leaving land use decisions to appointed zoning board members.

  4. And five experienced zone members as 5 pro Zimmer anti smart development .. I see but please .. let's wait 8 more years for another $ 80 million park , 8 more years for a hotel , 8 more years for a high school and 20 more to update the current zoning laws ..

    1. You know, Hobokened Out I was a ZBA commisioner under Chairman Jim Aibel, and we granted variances to Applicants who met their burden of proofs, at least to the required number of voting members. Variances are not supposed to be dispensed like candy on Halloween. If Mike becomes mayor, every day will be Halloween on the ZBA and Planning board. Developers will get the treats, Hoboken residents will get the trick.

    2. Oh and that Chart I see Phil C said yes to everything and he is all about Ravi now .. who's the flipper now .. ha

    3. @HO, do you even live here? because if you did, you'd know that most people here feel the decisions by the zoning board (aka, the "5 pro Zimmer anti-smart development" crew, as you call them) actually ARE smart development.

      smart development is building the right kind of structures, in the right parts of town, to the right height, in order to maintain (or hopefully enhance) quality of life and the town's attractive vibe. you sound pretty naive when you try to pass off your developer-funded candidate MDF as "smart development" when EVERYONE knows he's sold his soul and is clearly as part of the "develop or die" camp.

  5. And let's take a look at the ZB appointment process :

  6. GA thanks for this post. While Roman and Kurt fire hard at fellow reformers who have the same values (though they can as you point out, reasonably disagree on individual votes), our real opponents like Anthony and Mike are not being challenged. This post changes run counter to that self-defeating dynamic. I'm grateful for Jim's service on the ZBA, just like I'm grateful for the service of Ravi's supporter, Frank Magaletta, as Chair of the Planning Board. Though we are very foolishly running two campaigns, perhaps we could at least train fire on our real policy and values opponents, not each other.

    1. Thanks, All Hoboken. That's the plan.

  7. So Jen just wished good luck to a woman that is running for Mayor in NY and wants to ban vaccines ? You just have to see this woman's profile picture and it Screams "Outlaw Vaccines "
    Are you guys for real ?

    This is dangerous people !

  8. I'm curious why you don't post on MSV. That's the Giattino fan-site. It's not like your a huge fan of GA.


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