DeFusco running a Tea-Party Trump Ticket!

Well, you know what they say... what comes around goes around.

Hoboken mayoral candidate Michael DeFusco threw shade at opponent Jen Giattino in this week's Hoboken Reporter, because she took a $1,000 donation in 2015 from Gov. Christie's brother, Todd.

DeFusco whacked Giattino "as a Republican who supported the failed policies of Chris Christie... these facts don't demonstrate the honest and transparent leadership that Hoboken deserves."

Hoboken Reporter July 1, 2017

Well... what about DeFuscco?

He's running with a Republican who supports the failed policies of Donald Trump.

In the GOP primary DeFusco's running mate supported Tea-Party Conservative Rand Paul.

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So what, Jen took a donation from Christie's brother, a guy she happens to know.

Cheap shot!

Is DeFusco  any "better" running for mayor on a Tea Party, Trump-lovin' Ticket?   Yes, it's true.

DeFusco's running with a Tea-Party Republican, Trump donor!

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  2. Good idea for Defusco to focus on "transparency." If there's one attribute associated with him it's being totally transparent.

  3. If Giattino was transparent she wouldn't be running .. just saying ..

    1. Why? What do you mean? Please explain.

  4. Defusco wants Hoboken to be more welcoming to LGBT citizens. He should start with his own running mate and ask him about donating money to the President who failed to acknowledge Pride Month even once.

    This was Defusco's first and only choice for council. Not someone to complete his ticket or because he was running out of time. It's his first choice.


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