DeFusco OPRA spree targets Nason's small biz

2014: ZBA Commissioner Mike DeFusco 'BYOB' birthday party held at Karen Nason's Hothouse event space

BUSTED!  Listen to this, folks.

In the early days of Karen Nason's mayoral campaign, GA was peppered with anonymous comments falsely accusing her small business, Hothouse, of illegally selling alcohol. (Note, Hothouse does not sell alcohol; the event space hosts 'BYOB' parties such as the one DeFusco threw for himself in 2014.)  A Hothouse client, Mike DeFusco knew the truth, but that did not stop his campaign's onslaught of attacks on Nason's  business, such as this one posted on April 22, 2017:
Hey Karen Nas.. remember when you sold me alcohol illegally? Who knew you didnt have a license ooopsie .. hope no one realized that .. oh Girl .. you funny.
Those attacks endeared me toward Karen, whom I didn't know.  It was obvious that she was being bullied to drop out of the mayoral race.

Well, she didn't.

But apparently, Hothouse is still a Defusco target.

Yesterday Karen was tipped off to an OPRA request of documents related to Hothouse at 200 Monroe Street.  Who filed the OPRA?

DeFusco for Mayor campaign manager, Ryan Yacco. 

"Where's my wine glass?"

Karen told GA,
"I learned today that Ryan Yacco went to do an Opra request on me!  Are you serious?  So now Mike DeFusco is too much of a baby to take this mayoral run and win on his own... he needs to have Ryan Yacco run to City Hall and get up in my small business that Mike DeFusco pretends he is all about saving!  Seriously!   Mike DeFusco has no regards towards anyone but himself and does not care what he does to anyone to get there.  Which brings up the fact that Mike DeFusco was instrumental in watching FUSE in his First Ward get shut down!  He shirked his responsibility by handing it off to the subcommitee instead of dealing with it himself.  NOBODY bothered.  Mike Defusco does not care about anyone and their small business-- unless it includes Mike DeFusco!"   

What's in the red cup? 

This anonymous comment was posted here on April 21, 2017:
"How about opening another Hot House ? We need more commercial space selling alcohol illegally in Hoboken .. that crazy Big Lady lol Selling alcohol without a license .. and she wants to run for Mayor ? lol .. probably the first time she actually runs for something hahahaha" 
Don't those comments sound just like... Hobokened Out, was that you?

Targeting a political opponent's small business is about as low as it gets. Especially when you've  been a client.


  1. If he's doing this with Nason, what is he doing with the heavy hitters? Or does he just hate Nason?

  2. Didn't Yacco work for Cammarano?

    1. Yes Yacco did. It's amazing to me that someone has to stoop to this level. I know I did not call Mikes partner's work to say on the line of the hospital he has to send out this kind of crap. Do I know have to stoop that low? When I see Rhavi, Gen, Anthony, Ron, or anyone else it is always a friendly hello and not that we all see eye to eye but out of respect and maturity, this is the way politics should be done. Attack your opponent on issues etc, but vicious and personally is apparently the only way Mike thinks he can win. Please Mike you have my number give it to Yacco he can ask me whatever he wants. Perhaps we all need to Opra request everything on Yacco folks? I think it has to become necessary to subpoena the other attacks on my business from these folks

  3. Mike is running a disgraceful campaign. He Masoning himself. He will lose
    AND burn bridges along the way. Then he'll eventually be out of politics in Hoboken because he made too many enemies like Beth. He could have run a classy issues based campaign and come out of 2017 building his credibility win or lose. So goofy. What else can you expect though from someone who cut his teeth in Hoboken politics loudly advocating for Peter Cammarano's election in 2009?

    1. Funny you should say that- MDF is using Mason's low road media guy. "Mason" as a verb- good idea.

  4. You've got the wrong person my friend .

    1. Are you saying Yacco doesn't work for Defusco or Yacco didn't OPRA Nason?

  5. @HobokenedOut what do you mean we have the wrong person? And who has the wrong person?

    For folks we are not aware, Mike's first campaigning in Hoboken was for Pete Cammarano. He even took the step of writing a public letter to the editor supporting him:

    And he even donated money to Peter;

    Beyond that we've all seen how he's handled his Mayoral campaign. How about an attack of Romano:

    Or on Ravi:

    And now Nason

  6. Nason, and others, should OPRA MDF's texts and emails sent and received during the last few council meetings while they were in session.


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