DeFusco donations: $400 to Cammarano, $500 to Union City First (Stack PAC)

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Ruben Ramos got stiffed! 

2017 mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco gave Ruben's 2011 campaign 50 bucks...

Like the birdie said... cheap! cheap! cheap!

Meanwhile, in 2009 DeFusco gave Peter Cammarano a whopping $400!

And in 2015 he gave Brian Stack's "Union City First" more-  $500! (before he dissed Stack in 2017

Wow, for an alleged fresh-faced, new-kid-on-the-block, those are some pretty traditional HudCo machine donations! 

So people, what have we learned in the past 48 hours?

We've learned that the candidate who wants to fund the  $83.3M separation of Hoboken's combined sewer system with "coffee roasters and urban wineries" gave large contributions to Peter Cammarano and a Union City PAC AND is running with a Rand Paul Tea Party Republican, who donated to Trump for President!

Want to know what's so funny?

This candidate, Mike DeFusco who purports to bring "vibrancy" to Hoboken,  is the ultimate Dark Side machine candidate, whose Tea Party slate supports the policies of  Donald Trump

Do not be fooled, people.

What do you think, Tubby?


  1. Is that Jen Giattino next to Christie ?
    That is the candidate that supports the policies of Donald Trump.. and Christie as you recall she got some money from him and brother

    1. No, that is his wife of 31 years, Mary. Jen did not get/give $ from/to Gov. Christie.

      Happy Independence Day, Hobokened Out!

    2. Happy 4th !! In spite of republicans trying to make us feel we are in Russia 🇷🇺


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