Giattino ticket: 3 Jacks and a Jill (and Ravi HQ pics)

Meet the Giattino ticket!  Three Jacks: Sal Starace, Jason EllisGA's dear friend Jim Aibel... and a Jill, mayoral Candidate Jen Giattino!

Did I get the order wrong? GA doesn't know the other two gentlemen.

This shot captures the crowd of maybe a half-dozen supporters, campaign staff, candidates and press.

GA likes Sal Starace already- he's from Brooklyn, Woot! Woot!  GA has heard that Jason Ellis is a "real nice guy."

I don't know them, but I do know the adorable, charming Jim Aibel. 

Jim is my friend from our ZBA days- a fine person, a class act.  And believe it or not, we've maintained our friendship all through the Great Reform Clusterfuck of 2017.  Our friendship will survive this, others I'm not so sure about.

Well, I look forward to reading all of their bios, to see how they stack up to all of the other At-Large candidates.

GA got there early, folks were already showing up and signing petitions

Before speeches

Ravi's peeps: young, old,  new 'blood' and Reform 'old timers', racially and ethnically diverse mix of Hoboken residents

Some  sought food and shelter indoors (and beer)

Jim Doyle playing with markers

Ravi hosted visiting dignitaries from Pennsylvania

Can you find the mayor?

I SPY (on Ravi) with my little eye! Mike Holmes, Matt Calicchio and a friend dine next door.

And for those who weren't there, here are all of the speeches, unedited.


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    1. argh, no fun, can't embed gifs



  2. "...the crowd of maybe a half-dozen..." LOL, burn!

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  4. This was a media announcement, their was no push to make it a big event, at noon, on a Friday. Its unfair to compare it to Ravi's grand opening.

    1. Hi David. The Ravi pics were supposed to go up Thursday, I decided Gina Tosatto should have the day. I don't see where I have compared these two separate events. You know, some folks have grumbled that I'm not covering the Giattino campaign, nor calling it the Giattino campaign. Okay, I've been responsive. Now I'm "unfair" for covering it. In this charged environment, I accept the fact some folks will not be happy. If it was media-only, MSV published the Giattino campaign press release about the 12:30 Church Square announcement of slate-mate's on Thursday, so the event was publicized to the general public, not just media. (I rarely post press releases, didn't do it for ravi's HQ opening either.)

      My unsolicited opinion on Giattino's choice to do a mid-day Friday slate announcement in the park was bad strategic planning- a missed opportunity to turn the announcement into a big fundraising/recruitment/petition-signing event. Seriously. It is not enough to be well-liked; a campaign needs a shitoad of money to be competitive in the general election. Ravi included. He may be ahead, but he needs to fundraise more, and more. Because DeFusco has $200K and probably $300K more stashed in a IE account that we will never see. Notice how the little dipshit cranked out a press release about Jim Aibel almost simultaneous to the announcement? And this is only mid-July. This is the stupidity IMO of reform splitting in half. At least Ravi seems to understand the realities of being competitive against the juggernaut of developers behind DeFusco. We are stronger together, and even together this would be a tough fight.

      One more thing. The myth that Ravi is "not well-liked" (which I heard) and "unelectable" (which I heard) is pretty much shattered by the massive turnout, volunteerism, and energy for him in the community.

  5. My dog has more people around him in that park .. just saying .. sad .. unthought.. and if you are looking for Facebook likes .. not even on prime time ..

  6. Well Dawn .. you made it to "Mayor" because the one people chose , was far worse than you .. then people didn't know anything better than that .. so don't forget that .. we didn't choose you .. circumstances did .. stay grounded

    1. Hopefully Google Translate comes up with an HO-to-english version.

      Zimmer won twice and was a lock to win a 3rd. Mike will only win if 6 people run and Pupie corners the vbm market. Stay grounded.


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