Stick Romano ATTACKED by DeFusco "minder" at Fulop Event!

Stress cracks are appearing in the Defusco camp (to put it mildly).

Last night they were on display...


GA's phone lit up late last night about Fight Night at Fulop's- an incident reported in InsiderNJ.

Read the full article here at InsiderNJ
Isnider NJ reported that the "chief minder of Councilman Defusco" (and his fundraiser) had provoked an argument with presumptive mayoral candidate Anthony 'Stick' Romano at an event for Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop; an argument that turned so heated, it had to be broken up- and it was!

Eyewitnesses report the fellow who stepped in to separate DeFusco's wildly out-of-control minder from Stick Romano was a senior partner at Florio Perrucci Fader, LLP! (Coincidently, Ravi Bhalla's employer... weird, huh?)

The crazed DeFusco minder's attack on Stick played out right in front of Mayor Fulop's secretary- and many other witnesses.

In fact, an eyewitness told GA:
Anthony walks into the room and right away people are yelling out at him.  So Ray [DeFusco's Minder] gets in Anthony's face and says "Here's the Freeholder. He'll be a good Director for DeFusco.  He's not running"

Anthony says, "What do you mean I'm not running?"

Ray [DeFusco's Minder] says, "You aint got the balls! DeFusco he got balls to come out against Zimmer! You aint got balls to come out!"

It escalated fast.  Ray's yelling DeFusco wants Anthony out of the race. He's yelling, "He's not running!" They're nose to nose. Then he [DeFusco's Minder] yells:
"I'll slit your fucking throat!"

A big shot lawyer broke it up. The Fulop ladies were horrified. Police were there too.  
Did I tell you that stress cracks were showing in the DeFusco camp?


Next was candidate DeFusco's odd behavior at last night's meeting. Not only was his 'petulance dial' turned up to 10, but he just couldn't quit the Blackberry.

DeFusco was texting all night, throughout the long meeting (it appeared) to his Brain  (in the public section) and to Ruben Ramos. 

As you can see, Councilman DeFusco wasn't paying attention during the meeting. He wasn't paying attention because he was engaged in conversation with his campaign.

First Ward people, he's your Councilman.  Tell  him to put down the Blackberry, stop acting like a teenager and pay attention to the meeting. 

The constant texting was so obvious- that on top of the disjointed petulance... I was reminded of Beth Mason council antics and 'bad Occhipinti' (before he extricated himself from the Dark Side.)

Those looked like stress cracks to me.  


  1. A two bit political operative lecturing a real Hoboken cop from the bare knuckle days about having balls. Let me repeat the question: Does Mike Defusco know ANYONE who isn't an asshole?

    1. MDF's all about the big-money developers and their sorted political hack cronies, so of course they're all assholes.

      And BTW, as others have pointed out with their fitting Beth Mason comparisons, voters really have no respect for a councilperson who can't even think for themselves and say what's on their own mind, instead having to prop themselves up with the digital crutch of text messages from some political hack handler. It didn't work for Mason, and it won't work for DeFusco.

      Stand up on your own damn vibrant feet, Mike!!!

    2. ^^^ when in a fire try not to Panic

    3. Wait.... Wasn't Ray the money guy for Ravi not so long ago? And oh, Ravi's Boss was the witness?
      Or was it TB who said Zimmer was gonna be "LG" Yeah right. A snowball's chance in the Paris Accord that will happren

    4. You're right- he was fired. Mike got sloppy seconds.

  2. Sometimes a councilman might need to answer a text for a home or work emergency. But, to text continuously during a governmental meeting is arrogance and immaturity rolled up in one. He'd be the kind of mayor who'd put his feet up on the desk. Jen should make him put his phone away!

    1. They all look at their phones, Coming from bloggers who had flip phones until not so long ago, maybe they don't comprehend that SMART phones have notes, and google docs. Go see an Oliver STone film if you want some more conspiracy theories, fact is you're all in a panic since Giattinno may run

    2. Congrats, @5:30, you win dumbest comment of the day (and there's plenty of stiff competition from your buddies). Having to rely on text messages and prepared texts is a sign of weakness and a poor command of the issues and facts. As @5:27 said, occasional use of smart phones is normal, but not this BS that Mason-like MDF pulls. Sad!

    3. Amusing stuff, Soares @ 5:30. So, you're saying the First Ward Councilman was playing with his SMART phone continuously for 3.5 hours? And that's better than texting? Um... no. Clearly he is getting and receiving texts all meeting long from his BRAIN. So, you're playing Lane Bajardi to his Beth Mason? No wonder you like DeFusco, he's your puppet.

  3. The only stress cracks are those in the Reform Camp. More like canyons.. Giatinno,Cunningham and Doyle are NOT on Board with the SLEAZY Midnight Zimmer/Bhalla backroom deal.
    The SS Bhalla is going down even before it left the Ferry Dock

    The old Masonista's are all with Bhalla

    1. Soares, you're such a liar. There was no backroom deal. NONE. You think you're the smartest guy in the room- NOT. Jen and Ravi had a sit down today, and there's a group one tonight. Much to your regret, Reform is not splitting... meawhile the DeFusco campaign is circling the bowl.

    2. Wrong, again with the Bajardi attempts to out people- this site is just as bad as 411. You have no evidence of who anyone is unless the owner of this blog is giving out that info
      It's why so many people avoid this

  4. Miss the ZBA Nancy ? .. retirement is not fun right ?

    1. I miss it under Chairman Aibel. The previous Chairman... Tony whats-his-name was too ill-tempered and nasty for that position... not the right temperament to lead the board. Chairman Aibel ran the board with in a calm, dignified manner. Unlike that lunatic...

    2. Also he did.not conduct himself with honesty or integrity and had his own self-serving agenda.

  5. If Jen runs, then she splits the reform vote with Ravi and Romano splits the OG/anti-Zimmer vote with DeFusco...congrats, Mayor Bicycle Guy! ;)

    JK...seriously, though, if there is ever an election where EVERY vote counts, it could be this one. I almost wish reform wasn't "blessed" with two good candidates, I like both Ravi and Jen. Hopefully they can sort it out for the good of Hoboken, too much at stake to allow the dark side regain power.

    1. I'm a big believer in everyone should be able to toss their hat in the ring even if it does mean that we end up with a Mayor who had no where close to a 51% majority of the votes. It's just an unfortunate consequence of ending the run-off. Elections are so expensive in Hoboken that ending the run-off was practically an economic necessity, but we need to now get comfortable with that uncomfortable fact. We can't only applaud candidates with little chance of winning (see: Nason) getting in the race. I'll welcome Giattino's mayoral bid into the fray, even if Bhalla won't step aside. We want a true democracy in Hoboken, not power-brokering.

    2. Funny, no one on the DeFusco side seems to support a "true democracy" unless it's the Reform field that's crowding up. It is shameful how DeFusco’s camp has treated Karen Nason and now Stick Romano. The other night MDF'S fundraiser yelled that he wanted to "slit" Stick's throat. What a bunch of phonies you guys are. Start treating your opponents with respect before you preach about "true democracy".

    3. You may be right about the DeFusco 'side', I can't speak to it, but as a voter in Hoboken, I welcome all comers. In alpha order:


      Come on down! (and anyone else that has a vision/voice - just step on up!)


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