Stack conquers the Galaxy, Zimmer conquers the Hoboken Dems

Things to do after you've conquered Hudson County

It's official, people.

LD33 Senator  Brian Stack has bowled over Hudson County with his Union City army and fleet of Butterball turkeys.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has bowled over Hoboken's Dem Party, with support from Brian Stack and the great organizational skills of Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Zimmer's Chief of Staff Vijay Chaudhuri (plus many volunteers!)

Thanks to all of you! 

When GA saw the Hoboken vote counts, here's the first thing that jumped out at me:  Brian Stack was the #1 total vote-getter of any candidate on our ballot!   

Next came Annette Chapparo (#2), then Raj Mukherji (#3) Junior Maldonado (#4) and Anthony 'Stick' Romano (#5).

Phil Murphy, who had four primary opponents, came in at  #6.

GA admits surprise at Stack's strength in Hoboken- 300+ votes ahead Chapparo (#2).  (Annette, try birthday cards and turkeys next time.)

But, Hoboken was not an outlier.   According to InsiderNJ:
State Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) of neighboring North Bergen received 9K and change. State Senator Sandra Cunningham (D-31) of neighboring Jersey City harvested 9K and change. Stack, by contrast, got 20,349 votes (10,039 out of his home town of Union City, 5,447 out of the Jersey City portion of the district, 3,588 out of Hoboken, and 1,225 out of Weehawken).  
Looks to me like Stack's got juice in Hoboken...

Onto Mayor Zimmer's dominance over Hoboken's Democratic Committee: 63 seats to Russo's 17.

As you know, tonight is their reorganization meeting. Only elected committee persons may attend the vote.  That's right- GA isn't welcome.

MSV has announced some predictions for leadership nominations. One of them: Tiffanie Fisher will likely be nominated for Democratic Committee Chairwoman.

If that is true, something tells me our Hoboken Democratic Committee is about to become a lot more active in our community...

Buckle up!


  1. Brian Stack has long had a large, highly effective GOTV team, they show up on the field for every match and always give 110%. They will be here in November too.

  2. Congratulations to Tiffaine Fisher Hoboken's new Democratic Committee chairperson.

  3. tony wrote a weird column for al this week.

    the gist of it was: i ran into zimmer at a restaurant. we didn't talk. i projected my coach house suspicions onto her.

    talk about a show about nothing. literally nothing happens and no one else shows up. but he makes the subtext "nefarious restaurant meeting."

    is it revenge for the defusco, faillick, giattino article? maybe. but at least there were bedfellows to talk about. unnamed sources are the life blood of political gossip columns. but this is pure projection masquerading as political gossip. the person in the best position to say nothing happened is the person writing the article to pretend something happened.

    can't wait til next week. what will tony have his dummy say next.


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