Romano's "albatross is GONE"

GA has spent all morning talking to sources close to Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano.

One might assume that Romano feels like he's sitting on top of the world.  After all, he just won his primary election and has the option of running for Hoboken mayor without risking his Freeholder seat.  (Yes, Romano can be on the ballot for both.)

On top of the world?  Not exactly.

Based on sources, Stick's had an epiphany about some old Hoboken 'friends'- people he has stood with in their time of need, who've piled on against him for a brand new flavor called DeFusco.

Specifically, these so-called friends in Hoboken's political world, are trying to hurt him; "take him down" in an effort to clear the way for their Chosen One, Mike DeFusco.  That, I am told, is unbelieveable to Romano.  He is amazed by the treachery of these backstabbing backstabbers.

But, it's a mixed bag.

Disappointment in his treacherous 'Old Hoboken' circle comes with a feeling of liberation from any future obligation to any of them.  As a source put it, "Stick don't give a shit no more."

Some might say, "It's about time."

I have tried to organize my notes-  excuse me if they're a little disjointed.  GA's notes from conversations with sources:

They're the gang that can't shoot straight.  DeFusco's been trying very hard to build a coalition.  Big time developers are trying to lure in smaller developers then on the other hand you got Pupie, and Perry on a mission. [redacted] told Pupie "What gives you the right to tell me its gotta be Defusco?  How can you disrespect Anthony so much?"  Pupie gave the same answer "We got a young, gay yuppie that can reach into the young and he can't."  The little developers are all hanging on the vine watching Stick.  The labor unions are not going to go with DeFusco and the little developers are not going to put in money and lose. Small developers don't want to contribute in because they don't know where Stick is at and  honestly believe that in a 3 person race, DeFusco can't win.   The little developers are all hanging on the vine watching Romano. The little developers are not going to put in money and lose...   Stick's gonna sit there on a perch and watch, the more they come at him, the more dug in he gets. I don't think Mike has any understanding what he's into. I guess he thinks whatever it takes to win the old Hoboken vote.  Now he's got Carmelo in the fold. Russo will hold out until he'll give him a couple of picks for jobs. Carmelo will be Director, Perry will be some kind off-on the payroll. Pupie will get his sewerage seat or Freeholder seat. It's just hilarious! Pupie told DeFusco, "Stop talking to Cheryl Fallick." Because Cheryl Fallick is one of the ones that knows what Pupie was doing with the rent control. He worries about that.  The rent control issue.    If Cheryl was ever on his ticket those developers will go fucking apeshit. APESHIT!
A couple months ago, Pupie Raia, Perry Belfiore, Ruben Ramos, Nick Calicchio  called Stick to a meeting. Perry said  if you don't agree with us, we'll run someone against you for Freeholder.  Some friends. They tried to ask him nicely, then they tried to buy him nicely, now they gonna try to hurt him, not to run for mayor.  The more they push, the more dug in Stick will get about running for mayor. From the get-go, Ruben was the one running around spreading that Romano made a deal with Zimmer and sold out the committee people. Ruben was the one trying to cripple Stick's vote, making sure he didn't run for mayor.  Ruben brought DeFusco to Muniz. Ruben brought DeFusco to the BarrysThey all felt Stick should have stepped off the line.  They wanted him to go down with the Titanic.  They wanted his numbers very low, some thought Stick losing would help DeFuscco. After the election, Calicchio told Stick: you're gonna get crushed in the 4th ward.  Russo told him "This is a disaster. This is your fault.  You're never gonna be able to run for mayor." Everybody was coming up and telling Stick "You need them. You should make the deal. DeFusco's the one."  [redacted] is coming out of Pupies club and Perry's house all the time, just like DeFusco. DeFusco is hinging his future on Perry. If DeFusco don't win, Perry may finally be done. This obsession and drive that they have for DeFusco is leaving so much collateral damage. They've lost a friend.  He don't want nothing from any of them. The more that they try to go after Stick the more dug in Stick gets about running for mayor. If Stick runs, he doesn't have that Hoboken guilt. He said, "I've finally broken the chain. For the first time in my life, If I ever was mayor, I wouldn't want their support I'd rather lose. If I ran, I don't want any of them."

Here's the worst part for them. The worst nightmare. They can't go away from DeFusco. They're stuck. If Stick ever won by some miracle, he don't want resumes from those people. The albatross is gone.


  1. I have a really GOOD idea for everyone. Come over to Karen Nason! You certainly all know where she stands!! I need to correct you, if Anthony does run it will be a 4 WAY RACE for DeFusco! Just saying.

    1. If Stick jumps in it's a 5 way race; there's the bike guy and if Jen jumps in it's a 6 way race. Can we go for 7?

  2. I am sure that to many of what these old men call YUPPIES do not have any issue with DeFusco being gay but can the same be said of old Hoboken ?
    When these same old men said they were behind Mason they spent her money like it was water and old Hoboken did not vote for her.
    Will many of old Hoboken be able to look past DeFusco kicking Castellano out of office ?

  3. What a collection of Fucktards. And that includes the ToadStool.

  4. Random thoughts.

    Who paid for Patricia Waiters run for Freeholder against Anthony Romano ?

    Union City Mayor Brian Stack has already endorsed Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

    There has been well known bad blood between Brian Stack and Michael DeFusco's supporters Carmelo Garcia, Ruben Ramos and Nick Sacco.

    When Russo's needed a job with medical benefits they found one in Union City.

  5. Seeing the albatross for what it is will only take him so far. To turn your back on the people you've known your whole life and have a very deep bank of shared memories will be extremely difficult. We're not talking about right and wrong or crime and punishment, just simple human nature. Tribalism is far more powerful than principle. We'll see.

    1. Parts of Stick's tribe have already turned on him which makes it easier for him to walk away.

    2. And if he does walk away, I'll enjoy watching all the Zimmeristas changing their tune and talking about what a great guy he is.

      One could get whiplash watching the Zimmer crew shuffle:

      Pupie good - Pupie bad
      Timmy bad - Timmy good
      Christie good - Christie bad
      Stack bad - Stack good
      Carmelo good - Carmelo bad
      Micheal good - Michael bad
      Next in line:
      Romano bad - Romano good

    3. On some of these I at least know where your characterization comes from but who is Michael? If you mean Russo when did "reform" think he and Carmelo were good?

    4. 211 forgot one.
      soreas shoots the old midnight video.
      soreas stars in the new midnight video.

    5. Well, well, well, guess you're not "in the know" 2:46. Some prodding Kid's First to go with Carmelo when he was on the school board. Guess you didn't know about that little attempted "deal". To their everlasting credit, Kid's First told the Mayor to take a hike on that ridiculous idea.

      The Michael in question is obviously, 1st Ward city council candidate on the Mayor's slate along with Tiffanie, Dana, Peter and Jen.

    6. 2:11- you are very confused.

      Pupie- Patron Saint of Pat Waiters was NEVER good
      Timmy- council of no (bad), they dumped him (good)
      Christie- Fatso was never any good
      Stack- Minds his Ps and Qs, was never bad
      Carmelo- are you HIGH? On what planet was this sleazebag EVER good? was NEVER good
      Micheal- Reform wanted to BELIEVE he was good, gave him a chance, and he STABBED his supporters in the back, now is running a whiney, dishonest, stupid, NASTY campaign backed by Hoboken grifters, job seekers and developers-and that is BAD
      Romano - Has strong tribal loyalties, sucks as Freeholder, but is not a MEAN, NASTY, SONOFABITCH, BULLY like the DeFusco people.

      2:11- I hope that cleared up your mental confusion.

    7. Sometimes, as time goes on we learn more about people and our opinions of them become better informed. We might have mistakenly thought they were good because they talked the talk of good government that we wanted to hear, but later they showed their true colors and we saw them for the frauds they were all along.

      Leading that category are Mason, DeFusco, Soares, the Bajardi twins, the blond SW parks lady and the FBW frauds Jim Vance and Ron Hine. In hindsight, its hard to believe anyone was ever fooled by any of these people. Its even harder to believe that some folks still are fooled.

      But good con artists have skills. Of the group I actually think Soares, Vance and Hine are the most talented con artists. Not surprisingly all are with DeFusco provong that birds of a feather will flock together.

  6. When parts of your "tribe" betray you it makes it much easier to turn your back and walk away.

  7. Romano holds all the cards. Even if he does nothing at this point.


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