Party at the Turtle Club

Blinged-out Guest of Honor
GA swung by Ravi's event for Mayor Zimmer last evening- intending to show my face and leave.

Guess what?  I stayed for an hour. 

The crowd was a mix of folks. Hoboken 'old time' Reform, and new faces (new to me). Diverse in age and ethnicity.  The fabulous John Heinis was there, so he'll have a better idea of attendance.  

The Reform Council showed up- Jim Doyle, Dave Mello, Tiffanie Fisher, Peter Cunningham and mayoral candidate Jen Giattino.  

It was a classy move, for the councilpersons who are not supporting Bhalla, and are unhappy with the Mayor's handling of her endorsement, to show up. That's what I thought, anyway. I didn't see any of the supporters of that faction show up, which affirms we are no longer One Team.   

Happy talk from the top didn't filter down. 

GA is not all Kumbaya that we will be a coalition again. I hope facts prove me wrong. I can tell you last night's group was excited, enthusiastic, positive.  (I'll take two out of three) 

I have NEVER seen the Mayor this happy. She's not a natural politician. It's like a weight has been lifted, and she even wore monster-bling that both she and Stan told me that she'd never worn in her two terms as Mayor.  

Well, I finally got to see the ring; because haven't you wondered what it looks like? Married to a diamond dealer/owner of the Radiant Cut patent!  

That is true; if you didn't know it, Stan's late father invented the radiant cut.

Anyway, let me describe it (the ring)...  it's a YUGE emerald-shaped rock that blinded me, on two single-row thin bands of sparkling diamonds. The main stone looked like 3- 4 lbs carats.

Wouldn't you love Stan if he gave you one?

But I digress.  Here are some pics of the crowd... click on the image to see them larger (and better).

Oh yeah... look who popped in!   Another mayoral candidate, Anthony 'Stick' Romano!


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    1. Is this where I'm supposed to thank you for siphoning off my tax dollars? I already pay taxes for public schools, why do we need to support an entire second set of schools and administration? If public school don't work, then we should fix them, not abandon them.

    2. Typical self-centered HoLa dingbat. There are 4 school districts in Hoboken, all of which graduated students. Typical arrogant, tax-money-sucking HoLa dingbat ignores all of the OTHER children graduating from all of Hoboken's school districts, and only congratulates their OWN kids. No wonder other Charter and Hoboken districts think the HoLa admin are such a stuck-up, nasty bunch. You are Exhibit A.

      GA congratulates EVERY graduating class in Hoboken, whatever your school! I wish ALL you kids great success in life.

      1:54- No more totally off-topic posts. You can fly back in on your broomstick when the topic is our schools.


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