UPDATED--Nason to hold "Crime and Technology" Press Conference Tomorrow

UPDATE - Apologies to Karen!

Today's event will be held at 200 MONROE (not Madison!) at 3 PM.


And she's off!

Tomorrow at 3PM, Karen Nason for Mayor will hold a press conference at Hoboken Hothouse, 200 Monroe Street on the topic of "Crime and Technology."

Nason's Guest Speaker will be Hoboken resident Keith Harrison, owner of Total Home Technologies.   Keith's expertise is the integration of technology with architecture and design.

Oh, yeah: Nason may announce her slate at the event.  

Her press release is posted in full below; you'll notice it has a decidedly anti-Zimmer Administration flavor.

Well, though GA has fundamental disagreements with candidate Nason's views on the Zimmer Administration, I support her right to run for mayor and oppose the bullies and their intimidation tactics to force her out of the race...

Such as shouts from a passing car, "Don't waste  your time! You're never gonna win!"  or a sit-down convened by Pupie Raia, with Ruben Ramos.   The Raia-Ramos  agenda: "Don't waste your time, you're never gonna win" plus a sweetener: a place on the DeFusco Ticket.

GA has an idea: how about if every candidate for mayor- except Mike DeFusco- agrees to drop dead so he can run uncontested?   I'm sure they would oblige. Mike simply has to ask, like this:
DeFusco: My poll results weren't so good.  It seems all of my opposition has to drop dead in order for me to win.  So, will you all please drop dead so I can be the next mayor of Hoboken?

Zimmer: Sure!

Nason: Sure!

Bautista: Um...
See?   No need to bully Nason... nor threaten bloggers with "libel suits".


GA would be remiss not to share another campaign's event with readers... Unlike Nason's free event tomorrow,  this one will set you back $300.


  1. I wonder if Waiters will be on Nason's slate. Personally, I think they'd be perfect together.

    1. 1:16 why would they be perfect together?

    2. Anon at June 1, 2017 at 1:16 PM

      Moron - if you have something derogatory to say about either Nason or Waiters, just say it. Your too cute by half comment reeks of doucheness.

    3. You're, not your

    4. 3:33, it's your not you're. Your is used in the possessive. Minimized, it reads "your comment reeks."

      If you're, not your, going to be a pedantic prick, make an effort to know what you're, not your, talking about.

    5. Just so everyone understands it has nothing to do with Pat and my slate it has to do with technology and something amazing for the city. If you can make it you will hear from Keith Harrison what this is about . NOTHING to do with Pat or my endorsement of her please read.!

    6. Karen we all can read. Your press release lists Pat Waiters as a co-host of your event. This guy Keith Harrison isn't even mentioned in the release.

      There's nothing wrong with Pat co-hosting the event but by doing that you at least impliedly are endorsing her for free holder and she is at least impliedly endorsing you for mayor.

      Perhaps that's not the impression you meant to give to voters , especially voters who might have reservations about Pat given her history. But it certainly is the way it seems from the language in your release.

    7. Interesting what you find when you do a quick google search on Pat Waiters and Hoboken.

      "BREAKING: Hoboken councilman calls out New Jersey assemblyman's paid aide for 'anti-Semitic' remarks at meeting; invokes Donald Sterling"


  2. What's possessive about "cute"? As in 'You are too cute by half...' (You're too cute by half....)

    If you are going to be a self-righteous douche, try not to look stupid.

    1. Your comment. There is no such animal as You're comment. Your most recent comment included.

      Is that too complicated?

      Yes, you'd have been right if QOTV had said You're too cute by half. But I think all but one of us here can see that was not said. Instead your modifies comment. Which comment? Your comment. Not you're comment.

      You can stop digging now.

    2. Blind, eh? And delusional too. Try reading 2:54 (if you can see past your blinders.)

    3. Good lord, it's the age of Trump in microcosm. You're totally wrong but too pissed off to care. Let's try this one last time.

      A good english sentence has 2 components - a subject and a predicate. The subject takes the action. The predicate includes the action taken. Here's our sentence.

      Your too cute by half comment reeks of doucheness.

      It has both parts - subject and predicate.

      Our subject is...

      Your too cute by half comment.

      Your is an attributive adjective. Which comment? Your comment.

      Too cute by half is an adjective phrase.

      Other examples of this subject construction:

      Your tendency to insult people when you can't think of something to say

      Your remarkable inability to admit you're wrong

      Our predicate is...

      Reeks of doucheness.

      Who or what performs the action?

      Your too cute by half comment.

      What is the action?

      Reeks of doucheness.

      Minimized, you would have...

      Your comment reeks.

      You recognize that as a standard english sentence, right? You also see how You're comment reeks would be nonsensical, right?



      Now why was all this necessary? Normally minor grammatical errors are not pointed out on blogs and comment sites. We are all dealing with cell phones, ipads, tiny screens, auto-complete. Stuff happens. It's poor form to go around pointing out errors.

      But you did. Or thought you did. Why? If I had to guess, you didn't like what QOTV said, but couldn't come up with a snappy reply so you tried to ding his grammar instead.

      I wouldn't ding anyone's grammar myself. But if some jerk is going to a) criticize the grammar/spelling of commenters whose meaning is perfectly clear, b) not even know what the fuck he's talking about,

      well then I would take issue. And hence have now explained your error 3 times. To no avail, I'm sure.

      Are we all caught up now, or are you going to try to say there's no such thing as a subject/predicate construction? Or maybe lob more insults because you can't admit you're wrong even when it's been painstakingly laid out for you?

      I'm sure whatever it is, it won't involve a lightbulb moment for you. That's not what the age of Trump is about.

    4. Dang

      “YOUR” an inspiration to the underbelly of the Asshole Mike’s brigade of nit wit operatives and "YOUR" and excellent grammar instructor. “YOUR” spot on with “YOUR” dissection of my use of “YOUR”. “YOUR” is tricky word and I am sure that “YOUR” explanation on how to use “YOUR” has been helpful to the under-educated sycophants that pray at the altar of Asshole Mike. I am not sure if “YOUR” going to have to continue with “YOUR” grammar tutorials as the election season swings into high gear, but I am sure that “YOUR” up to the task.

  3. Is this ding dong still wasting her time with her dreams of being the mayor? Jeff Boss would get more votes as a write in and he is not on the ticket. She has no chance against Dawn. Such a silly thing to do and waste valuable time.

    1. . . . writes nervous Mike DeFusco supporter!

    2. My goodness, the libel-suit threatening idiot (5:48 PM) is back! What a bully you are! And the proxy-luvin bully is saying what Frank, Ruben, and Mike DeFusco have all told Karen- "you're wasting time! You can't win!"

      Q: WHOSE time is Karen "wasting"?
      A: Mike DeFusco's!

      What a pathetic bunch of bully-losers. I hope 5 more Karens run against the annointed.

    3. "Ram it in my asshole"? That's your screen name?

      I'm starting to think you guys secretly hate Defusco and want everyone to associate him with the worst imaginable lowlifes.

      C'mon give mike a chance. His poll numbers are bad enough already - stop piling on.

    4. Ramit Inma Ashol June 1, 2017 at 5:48 PM

      Are you the same moron that called Nancy the "C" word yesterday? Have the courage to actually say what you mean. Your too cute by half screen name reeks of doucheness.

    5. is it also the same moron who acted offended about cursing on facebook?

  4. "...the independent mayoral candidate running to make Hoboken great again." Umm...not sure that's the right tagline for attracting Hoboken voters.

    I like Karen but she really needs to get a better copywriter. This press release is written in poorer grammar than an MSV post, too many of cliches and non-sequiturs. Confusing writing is a reflection of confused thinking. You can do better, Karen.

  5. "common sense", waterfront cameras, and anti "anti flooding"? Who is this? Karen or MDF? Sounds like two people sharing the same platform, and the same voters. With Patty, Karen will definitely get a number of votes out of the lower income and senior buildings in Hoboken. These are also voters targeted by the Raia/Ramos machine that pays for votes. And MDF needs these votes to win. Looks like it is leading up to be 2013 all over again - but this time with two Timmy's! The big question is who will get the Church Towers (Russo) and Marine View (Romano/Castellano) votes...My guess - Marineview goes to Karen and Church Towers to Mike. Again, a split. With this entire splitting down the middle of OG votes, Zimmer is a guaranteed win. So thank you Karen and Mike for your efforts in locking this in!

    1. I think you're underestimating the DeFusco juggernaut's appeal to millenials and to the long time reformers fed up with Zimmer.

      Mike will certainly get his share of OG votes but he has so much support coming right out of Zimmer's dwindling base that it really doesn't matter if Nason picks off a few anti-zimmer votes.

      With Fallick on Mike's ticket and Soares supporting him even if he's not on the ticket, Mike starts with close to 1/2 of Zimmer's "new hoboken" base if not more.

      Just take a look at the votes Cheryl almost single handedly turned out on the rent control referendum. Add Tony's enormous popularity and unparalleled political skills to the mix, add in virtually 100% of millenials, and Mike wins in a landslide with even a sliver of the OG vote.

      This baby is not going to be close. No wonder the zimmerists are so scared.

    2. Wanky's Wife!June 2, 2017 at 11:30 AM

      Looks like a shutout! 100% write-in vote for Wanky!

      Wanking now more than ever!

      Roll up your sleeves and let's all wank together!

      As George Wankington would say, Vote Wanky, dumbass!

      Fake news! Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

    3. Those millennial's who vote do in Hoboken are typically well educated , smart people who have been raised to see past Mike's noisy, ego driven political brand rhetoric.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Homophobic remark courtesy of DeFusco surrogate on a proxy.

      Chrome 58.0
      OS X

      Phnum Penh,
      Cambodia / en-us

    2. I don't want to hear a damn word about Pride from a man who obviously has none. Shades of allegedly Jewish bajardi making anti-Semitic remarks on nj.com.

  7. transparent pro-defusco remark intended to make nason supporters look homophobic. defusco continues to be supported by 100% usda choice assholes.

  8. Did Nason introduce her ticket ?

    1. She doesn't have any one to run with her. She will not make this announcement. Everyone talking about how insane she is to run for office. She is irrelvant in campaigning and nobody is asking her to drop out as she won't get any votes. Jeff Boss and John Wayne will get more votes and they're not running. Her supporters only say they are voting for her because she gives them half price pizza probably.

    2. Has DeFusco found any new empty barrels to scrape to find someone who is willing to be on his ticket ? Can he legally pay people to run with him ?

  9. That's what I call a party.. where did they buy that piñata in the center?

  10. Alejandro! You got some explaining to do!

  11. Mike & Co I hear are now franticly looking for a replacement for one of slate who just dropped out and they may not announce the ticket as they planned to do on Thursday.. Tickets to his event lagging too and his handlers are drastically cutting minimum asking donations and the comp list is growing as they try to fill the room.


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