Divided we stand

Keep your eye on the 8-ball
"I see her entering the race as zeroing out a dozen years of my efforts supporting Dawn, reform and parks."
- longtime Hoboken Reform activist to GA

What's new?

The whirling vortex of Stupid over at the other blog spun me out like a centrifuge;  I've been banned for expressing a different school of thought about Jen's announcement to run for mayor.  Yep, in the land of "Russia is a hoax" it is not okay to disagree with the host's doppelgangers.  It is not okay to say that running two Reform candidates is the Dark Side's wet dream.

GA's school of thought is less concerned with "process" (it sucked)  than result (it will suck).

Guess what?

My skepticism has shut me out of the debate.  One doppelganger wrote:
"Have heard there's a very well respected person who will be available for the sixth ward council. Highly respected, as highly respected across Hoboken citywide, just like the City Council President Jen Giattino, our next mayor."

Some doppelganger knows who was selected to run my ward and I don't?

How's this: "Russia's a hoax! CNN and MSNBC are fake news! Millions voted illegally! Hillary killed Vince Foster!"

Better?  Now can I find out who's "available" to run my Ward?

GA and other stakeholders were also shut out of a Sunday discussion convened to hear folks' thoughts about a Reform split.  The public is left to wonder what merits were discussed, what were the pros and cons, what the candidate herself is thinking, and why two Reformers on the ballot  won't elect Stick Romano or Mike DeFusco. 

Folks, that is what I care about.  Hoboken.

That means keeping the Dark Side's fingers off the levers of power. Not losing the ZBA or Planning Board. Not letting developers call the shots. 

The only word GA wants to hear now is "unity."

But, folks disagree on the path to unity.

One thing is for sure, 2 Reform candidates on the November ballot hands it to Stick, or God forbid, Mike DeFusco.  Peeps continue to underestimate him as a campaigner.

But... tonight another Reformer throws in, so that train has sailed... or the ship has left the station... or... you know. 

I just hope our peeps can remain civil, and not attack one another personally- especially Jen and Ravi. 

In the meantime, we've gotta keep our eye on the 8-ball.

G-d knows what's been going on on the Dark Side for the last 7 days. 


  1. If the old guard takes control there are going to be a large number of people who will hold Jen and Peter responsible for the loss, I expect that disappointment will be reflected in the ward campaigns and candidates running.

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  3. I don't think it's fair or right to heap all the blame for this situation on Jen. This mess was created by Dawn Zimmer and Ravi Bhalla. Our choices are to accept the candidate she decided on or suggest a different candidate, which is what Jen is apparently going to do. I think that's reasonable. It'd be nice for our candidate to be decided by polls rather than by whatever private method the Mayor used. So long as Reform unites behind a single candidate before the election I think we're okay.

    As far as the sixth ward councilperson, I'm with you. It seems to me that there's a lack of transparency across the board. Well, assuming that doppelganger knew what he or she was talking about.

  4. If you are banned from MSV, then I am banning myself. And after all that talk about the the 1st Amendment and censorship. Ah well, it will clear the airwaves for Some Better Ideas; should he ever get Any Ideas At All.

    I guess we are about to find out what the real divisions on the council are/were. We saw few. And those telling us that we absolutely have to run a second candidate have yet to identify anything of sufficient substance to warrant the likely loss of reform control this November.

    What reform does not appear to understand, but its savvier enemies do, is that we are heading toward balkanization. Reform will be as preoccupied with vicious in-fighting as with dealing with the real enemies of Hoboken's future. Trolls whose fondest hope is a split reform ticket will very easily embed online with those who earnestly believe in one candidate or the other. They already have.

    If it goes down this way then so be it. A plague on both their houses. Won't take me too many minutes to unsubscribe from the regular emails I receive. But don't ask me for a dime.

    1. Nice to see you stand with me for the First Amendment and against censorship. Here is what I was told yesterday.

      "Your speech is conditional on not being obnoxious so you were laced in a timeout... I put you in a time out. It's temporary and I hope respectful commenting will follow. There's no need to make 6 one sentence comments among the first with in a story. It's seriously obnoxious."

      For the record, my comments are up for all to see. All are between 3-10 sentences long. None are 1 sentence long. Further, there is no cursing- just opinion; what's "obnoxious" was equal but opposite passion about the subject. It's called political discourse.

      So, I never want to hear another damned patronizing speech again on policies here, from that source.


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