BOMBSHELL: "Beth Mason may enter Hoboken mayoral"


Just when you thought Hoboken's mayoral election couldn't pack  in more drama (Zimmer quitting, Reform splitting, two Old Guard factions battling it out...) in comes this, straight out of the Ape's mouth:
"Beth Mason may enter the Hoboken mayoral."
This is real, folks.

It begs the question, "Why?"  Was it the January 2017 poll numbers?

Mason's favorables (26%) were higher than her unfavorables (23%) and 51% either couldn't rate her or don't know her.   That looks like a third chance to me.

Or...  sources say that her Ape has been working for Team DeFusco.   Did she make a deal to get in the race as a spoiler in exchange for...?

All GA can say is that with Mason in, it's a whole new ballgame.

Because she has zero scruples, tons of money and even more vendettas.  

No one is safe!  SLAPP-ity SLAPP SLAPP SLAPP. 

And another interesting news tidbit...


Sources report that the Feds have been "knocking on doors"in the 4th Ward and that a member of Mason's crew was interviewed recently.   It appears that they are casting a wide net in Hoboken, in hopes of dredging up bottom dwellers.


  1. Well well it's now a complete sh*tshow.

    Wake me in October and I'll see who's ego has survived that long, then I'll make a decision, but in the time being...

    Enjoy the show kids.
    Or enjoy the show the children playing adults are putting on.

    1. Tell me about it. Tonight I asked a friend, a Hudson County political operative for 30+ years, who is going to win in Nov. He said, "Stick Romano".

      Shitshow, clusterfuck, whatever you want to call it. Maybe we should find a 3rd Reform candidate to give the people "more voices." How about 4? I'd like one with red hair. Would you like a blonde?

  2. Well, she sure as hell ain't getting any reform votes, so it's just another split of the anti-Zimmer vote. What a doofus.

  3. I could easily picture Beth co-opting Defusco. It's not like there are any ethical impediments. Both are utterly vapid and cloying as hell. Both live for grandstanding. Defusco will be happy to bring back the Director's Pop Quiz at cc meetings, which was such a fave in Beth's days as cc prez. Defusco is clearly the heir to the "develop or die" mantle.

    Defusco is definitely a harder worker. Beth is just a lazy slob, as will be re-revealed in great detail as the 50k emails of her SLAPP suit replay on the blogs should she decide to add her special brand of mayhem to the clown car that is the Nov 2017 election.

    But she will have to make common cause quickly with Defusco because, again like Beth, he is a remarkably dirty fighter as can be seen whenever this blog is open to anons. Team Defusco -as they have quite stupidly done first with Nason and now with Romano- will quickly burn any possible bridge to Mason. Considering Beth has made politics her grown-up hobby, she has as low a political IQ as you would ever find among the politically disinterested. So it remains to be seen whether she "gets" that she has to work out a deal with her fellow rat before announcing.

    That said, it will be deliriously entertaining to watch the members of Team Defusco, especially regular contributors here, saying things like "Beth's changed. No, really. I'm not kidding. Beth's really, really changed. She's different now. I swear."

    The voters are ready.

  4. Beth running will be delightful. She's a mess and watching her spin out of control will be amusing for all of us.

    Has anyone heard anything from the purple pillow man? Maybe this is his third chance too!

    1. Must-see TV. It's a sick thought maybe but I hope she runs. She could have a grandstanding contest with Defusco. And months and months of "writing her own stuff."

  5. Really? Wow, I did not see that coming. I thought she moved out of state.


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