Will DeFusco pay a price for dissing Romano?

Whoa...  never a dull moment in Hoboken politics!

Sources close to Anthony 'Stick' Romano report that the 2017 Freeholder candidate is planning payback for alleged disrespect he's been shown by Team DeFusco: specifically, by Frank 'Pupie' Raia and Perry Belfiore.  

The sources accuse DeFusco's team of working to undermine Stick's race- up to and including trying to "force him out."  

Romano's sources allege the Freeholder candidate is being trashed by DeFusco's team, including spreading false rumors about a shadowy"secret meeting" between Romano and Mayor Zimmer, an apparent move to drive Stick's voters "off the line."   

Romano sources allege Raia is Waiters' underwriter
Romano sources also point the finger at Raia for underwriting the campaign of Freeholder candidate challenger, Patty Waiters,  paying for her "website,  posters, doorknockers."  

Reportedly, Romano has been pushed to the edge by the "disrespect" of the organized opposition against him, and is not having it.  

So what kind of "payback" does Stick have in mind?

After the June 6 election, Romano may run for   for Hoboken mayor, in return for Team DeFusco's extreme disrespect.   Not a joke.  GA is told he is "more yes than no."

The source put like this:  "Romano don't let nobody shit on him."

Folks, this is no idle threat. 

GA reached out to Romano's campaign manager, Pablo Fonseca, who would neither confirm nor deny the source's claim about Romano's "payback."    Fonseca told GA that "Romano is focused 100% on the June 6th election"... and so on. 

In the meantime, some 'dish' on yesterday's DeFusco announcement...

Folks had the impression that DeFusco's announcement would be an event held in the evening at LuLu's in the W Hotel.  No invitation were sent, but it appears this went around by "word of mouth."

Hence, many were surprised by the noon time announcement on Facebook, in lieu of something more formal, more personal, with press in attendance,  at the Hoboken hotspot.

If true, why the change of venue?

Who knows.

Stay tuned folks, shoes are  dropping fast...


  1. Undecided Hoboken GuyMay 23, 2017 at 4:53 PM

    I'm a big Dawn supporter and give her a lot of credit for not standing in the way of all the great things that happened in the last 8 years and were going to happen anyway even if she never lifted a finger. Say, that would make a great campaign slogan!

    But I do have concerns.

    We finally have a chance for an African-American freeholder and Dawn is standing in the way.

    Like a lot of people these days, I'm thinking of becoming African-American myself. But with Dawn and her Jim Crow ways, I'm just not sure if I can go through with it anymore.

    Right now I'm undecided. I'll watch for updates and opinions from all sides --- everyone from my clearly worn out old favorite Dawn Crow to any new candidates that come along. I'm looking for more of a downtown vibe I guess. And someone who values diversity a little more. In fairness to Dawn racial equality wasn't valued when she was growing up, so it's harder for her to accept. I guess I'm just trying to be even-handed. Fer sher!

  2. Undecidede Yuppie VoterMay 23, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    Dude, I'm an undecided yuppie voter, dude. I like Dawn and everything. I hear she did some cool stuff way back in the day.

    But dude she cancelled the parade. For me and my undecided yuppie voter friends that's the biggest issue, dude. I guess now that she's getting old, a parade is too noisy for her so she cancelled it. That was right after she outlawed being gay. I hear if her henchman Ravi unravels his turban he's got a whole hooded white sheet up there. Know what I'm sayin', dude?

    Like I said, I really like her, dude. But I'll listen to all the candidates, the ones that are secretly in the klan and any new ones that come along.

    Dude, do you know if there is a younger candidate from downtown in this election? That's really what me and all the undecided yuppie voters are looking for, dude. I wish Mike Defusco would run, but he's probably too cool to do it.

    Talk to you later, dude. I'm going to a loud place that serves beer and has a bunch of tvs on with the sound off which is what all of us undecided yuppie voters like to do while we wait for a parade, dude. Oh, right there's no parade on account of old lady Dawn and her friend from the klan. I like them though. Fer sher.

  3. You should stay up in the heights

  4. GA proves more fake news-- DeFusco NEVER had a event at LuLu's
    Announcing online is a strategy even Hillary had.
    Try as you Must, you're sounding unhinged, but it's okay, only a handful of Zimmer worshipers believe you.

    Forget LuLu's You're a Looney Tune

    You used to be funny, now you're just a vulgar angry person. Trashy mouth too

    1. If no one reads, believes or cares about GA, why are you here multiple times a day to dispute every post? If GA is so inconsequential, then why do you care so much and get so butthurt? If things are so unfair here, why don't you start your own blog?

    2. @9:36, the post clearly says -- more than once -- that Mike ended up not holding the event at Lulu's, what's your problem? #readingishard

    3. Not what I wrote, dope @ 9:36. I wrote that people BELIEVED the event was at LuLu's based on word-of-mouth thus were SURPRISED by the noon Facebook launch. I know you have ADD, but try reading SLOWLY.

      PS-- if you don't like this site then get the fuck out. I always told you to get your own blog but you're too damned LAZY, and COWARDLY to post opinion under your OWN NAME. YOu are a two-face phony, and anyone that trusts you will be sorely disappointed.

      As for "vulgar" maybe I should take some of your "best of" out of the vault to entertain the masses. I also screencapped what I wrote on Mikes FB page, to prove he lied about blocking me because i used bad language.

      Speaking of bad language... wait and see what one of your campaign surrogates posted.

  5. What's Romano going to do? Stomp his foot? He's got nothing.

    1. He can run for mayor and end what little chance Defusco had for winning or even not run for mayor and campaign for Zimmer and also end DeFusco. That was why DeFusco and Sacco's people tried so hard to push Romano out of running for mayor.

      Romano has a lot of campaign money he could spend but even a very small expenditure and effort would end DeFusco's chances. That is Romano can do.

    2. Romano would get a large percentage of the old Hoboken vote if he did nothing more than put his name on the ballot.
      Even the chance Stick might run has already made possible running mates for DeFusco take a wait and see posture.

  6. Running for mayor would require Romano to look weaker than he already is. That's why he won't do it. No one is afraid of him. DeFusco can treat him with disrespect because he knows that there will be no consequences.

    1. DeFusco is terrified of him. Only a fool would consider him as being weak and continue to disrespect him. Mike has already made a lot of very foolish decisions.

    2. The smartest choice for Mike would have been to wait for 2021, giving him 4 more years to build an actual record justifying his ambition.

      The second smartest choice for Mike would have been announcing in November (which is when he started actively exploring his run behind the scenes) so he could actually have time to consolidate support, build name recognition, and give his long shot campaign the best possible chance of succeeding.

      The dumbest thing to do was to spend the last 6 months alienating people on all sides of the aisle whose support he needs. He's starting the race with an already crowded field, without a unified OG behind him, without the undserved reform reputation he got entirely by cozying up to the Mayor, with only a fraction of the money he'll need, without a ticket, and without a coherent rationale for running.

      So what did Mike choose? Door #3. Dumb and dumber. Good job Mike and Mike's "friend." Way to go!

      Unfortunately for Mike, when this is done his political adventure will be over.

      Mike's "friend" on the other hand will just latch on to his next victim since there's a sucker born every day.

    3. I think I missed the post where Mike's friend is named. But suffice it to say with friends like that friend who needs enemies?

  7. I am voting for Patricia Waiters for Freeholder. I know she will not win. I know why they are marketing her to people who have no clue who she is and her lunatic past. I know she is totally unqualified to hold any political office but anything that reduces Anthony Romano's numbers on Tuesday will send a clear message that he is a brokered default candidate.

    1. Unless you are Anthony Roman, voting for Patricia Waiters is a win win. Michael DeFusco and Karen Nason's people should be on board and Zimmer's people can use their vote to express their displeasure with the increasing County taxes and seeing little return to Hoboken. That said Antony Romano will win on Tuesday.


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