Mason's "Victim" Statement to HPD Detective J. Mecka (VIDEO)

In mid-September of 2014, Councilwoman Beth Mason gave a videotaped  "victim's statement" for a criminal harassment complaint she'd filed against MSV's Editor.   Mason gave her statement in a private room to a single HPD detective, Jonathan Mecka.

Note, at the time of Mason's videotaped statement,  Capt. Edelmiro "Eddie" Garcia was the interim Police Chief, appointed by the City after Chief Anthony Falco's retirement on July 1, 2014.


Mason's harassment complaint went to trial in Jersey City Municipal Court approximately 1 1/2 years after it was filed.

Her claim was that at council meeting on September 17, 2014, "the actor (MSV) did forcefully smack a court document (subpoena) against 'victim's' chest.  This caused the 'victim' to be offended/

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In fact, the evidence produced for trial against her was overwhelming.

MSV's eye witnesses, and hidden videos of both the alleged harassment and MSV's attempt to serve the subpoena  at her home on the previous night, were on deck at Jersey City Municipal Court- proof that the Hoboken Councilwoman had lied in her complaint, and in her "victim's statement" to the HPD, and thus had filed a frivolous criminal complaint in bad faith.

Mason produced no eye witnesses, after claiming at a pre-trial hearing she would produce "Five".

In spite of having no witnesses or evidence, the Councilwoman was allowed to present her case. 

When she was done, the Judge threw it out.    

There is audio of her trial testimony, which GA has heard.

Oye vey.   

Fortunately, the Hoboken Police Department under Chief Ken Ferrante no longer does political favors for their friends.  Ferrante continues to do an outstanding job for Hoboken.

It is worthwhile for folks to consider how much the City has 'cleaned up its act' with a Reform administration at City Hall and the BoE. 

Alas, Hoboken is not there yet.

We need a fair and honest Fourth Estate to investigate (for example) how a political operative obtained 60,000 of the Mayor's/Hospital buyers emails during the sale of  Hoboken's only hospital, in an effort to kill the hospital sale.

If the Hoboken Reporter is sold, will its new owner investigate this?

Bajardi v Pincus - Pincus' MSJ email exhibit

Bajardi v Pincus - Pincus' MSJ email exhibit 

Bajardi v Pincus exhibit- Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer certification


  1. You're a rich girl and you've gone too far
    'Cause you know it doesn't matter anyway
    You can rely on the old man's money
    You can rely on the old man's money....

    1. "High and dry out of the rain
      it's so easy to hurt others when you can't feel pain"

  2. The most unsettling part of this video is not Mason's role but the role played by the smug police officer who choreographed this charade. I wonder how often the Hoboken police videotape "victim statements" at all, much less for BS disorderly persons offenses.

    Videotaping this idiocy, exposing Detective Mecka's role in manufacturing the story plus locking in the the story and the demeanor of the supposed victim in a video (that the defense could use but the prosecution could not) would have been incredibly stupid from a law enforcement perspective if a real crime had been involved.

    This video makes Detective Mecka seem both corrupt and inept. It's pretty scary that this clown is still on the force no matter who the Chief is.

    1. Totally agree. It's my understanding there should be a second detective witnessing the statement. Mecka JUNIOR is totally leading the supposed victim- pitcher and catcher. Hear the guys a real asshole, cops don't like him either.

    2. His father is an old Mason"pal." A fellow co-founder of "POG." He was illegally promoted to captain by Mayor Roberts and then he immediately retired with the higher pension before it was reversed. I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

  3. I like the handshake at the beginning. Why not a fist bump? And a team shirt.

  4. Omg that video is HYSTERICAL.

  5. These sojourns down memory lane serve to remind us just how far Hoboken has come in the last few years in reforming all parts of our city administration and services.

  6. Can you imagine if HPD gave every citizen the privilege to videotape a complaint?!! Did Mason pay for that time? Is there a charge? Was it gratis from HPD?! It was almost 10 minutes. Detective Mecka was dripping sympathy and helping dish the bullshit. Thanks GA for including the editorial accoutrements. I never would have guessed where the bullshit erupted. ;)

    1. "obsequious toady" comes to mind.

  7. I once had to file a police report in a small room at the Hoboken police station. When we were done, I asked the officer for a copy of what he wrote as I spoke. He told me I'd have to file an OPRA request for it.

    I hope the special treatment the Mason's received from the HPD has come to an end. So sick of them.

  8. The BS detector noise makes this video very hard to watch. Is there a clean version?


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