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  1. Soooooo.... you take back your original opinion?
    Bait and switch much?

    "Because to GA, "butt buddies" is an offensive reference to the LGBTQ community. "

    Quick make this about DeFusco and it's his fault? It's always the victims fault mentality... Just saw Mike on NBC. PURE CLASS and Humble
    Unlike many of the folks posting attacks on Mike-

    1. What a dumbass you are. Look up "butt buddies" in the Urban Dictionary- you will find 33 definitions. Definitions span the gamut from 'bosom pals'to (expletive deleted). Yes, the meaning to me was (expletive deleted). Well, not so apparently to many other people, including Irene S. and Joe Biden. I love Irene, respect Joe Biden.

      Mike on NBC? Oh, boy.

      You know, you sound a lot like that nasty guy, ummm Tony whats-his-name... running around yelling about this site, telling my friends it's "anti-gay". If you don't like this site, you will not be missed. Schmuck.

      Perry Pincus

    3. 7:30 got "OUTED"? So you admit you ARE Tony whats-his-name. Dont you tell everybody you don't post on this blog??? I mean "lie to everybody". In the old days you used to sign your name....

  2. Too bad your Girl Crush Dawn TRASHED Irene WHILE Mike forgave her.

    Poor GA- so confused where she should slant the story... call the first lady he'll know

    1. Are you making an anti-gay crack alleging GA has a "Girl Crush" on Zimmer? Wow, what a hypocrite! I'm calling NBC! CNN! PBS!

  3. Much ado about very little.


  4. Another old guard attempt at a manufactured political hit FAILS.

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  6. Just because one cisgender white heteromale, who we like uses an offensive phrase (in 2015) does not make this phrase acceptable. Nor does one gay candidate turning his forgiveness into a political stunt.

    GA as a liberal I am floored that some clip of Joe Biden somehow makes this phrase NOT offensive to the LGBT community. Your privilege is showing Missy.

    Here is the first definition of "jew down" according to that highly regarding source for information on language, Urban Dictionary:

    Jew Down
    The act of trying to get a lower price on an item. You typically will do this in places like Tijuana and flea markets.

    1. Privilege"? Well, you really know nothing about me so that's a "rush to judgment" about who I am and where I'm coming from. You're entitled to your opinion, however.

      "Butt buddies" to my knowledge was a gay 'slur.' It was my first reaction to seeing the text on nj.com. "Oh, shit" to be exact.

      However, I learned from speaking to a lot of folks yesterday, including gay friends (you will see them on the BoE video) they did not know the pejorative meaning. Apparently, that includes Irene. To people who DIDNT KNOW the term as a slur, the the term meant bosom buddies, inseparable friends- a PLATONIC term, not a sexual one. That is the top definition in the Urban dictionary.

      So one must consider the INTENT of the person using the phrase, "BB". The INTENT of Irene and Joe B was not to slur the LGBTQ community. I know so in Irene's case.

      I don't know if Joe Biden apologized to those who took offense, but Irene did. The point of the video is not to say Biden was "RIGHT" but to say Biden was "INNOCENT" of knowledge that the term was also a gay slur.

      She didn't mean to hurt anyone, slur anyone and her apology is from the heart. I made a relatable error when I used a term that I never knew was a slur. Maybe you, or someone else called me out and I apologized from the heart. IMO, same situation re: Irene. Maybe you don't know her, but I do. The woman is a Pollyanna.

      "Jew down" is a pretty unambiguous term. I have heard that kind of stuff all my life-jew used as a verb- from folks who didn't know I was Jewish. I have been told "you don't look Jewish" all my life, esp when I was younger.

      Yes, my post title was snarky- nothing deep there. I Was pissed off about political shenanigans. Very. They brought me back to 2010 when a graphic on this site was shopped to media by political HACKS to DESTROY me.

      That's my "privileged" two and a half cents.

  7. The hypocrisy of someone finding offense in the words of others using a term like "cisgender" which is most used a derogatory slur in their argument is revealing .

    1. I never heard of that word, "cisgender".

    2. I'm not aware of CIS being derogatory. We are, at last, starting to deal with the sexual continuum. CIS holds an advantaged position, legal and otherwise. But I don't think the term is meant disparagingly; anymore than "white" is. If the person who fits the description thinks he earned or is entitled to his additional privileges, it can quickly become tantamount to a shot across the bow.

    3. I had to look it up too.

      Urban Dictionary


      !1. an adjetive for someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex.
      I am perfectly comfortable identifying as the gender my parents put on my birth certificate. I am cisgender.

      2. A derogatory term used by members of the trans community to refer to all the disgusting people in this world who don't hate their own genitalia.

      Yeah what did you expect from hetero cisgender shit like that ?

  8. I, like GA, read the article and thought the same thing, but, I think the point is that Irene had absolutely no intention what so ever to use a term that was a slur against the LGBTQ community and had she known, she never would have. I'd bet my bottom dollar she'll never use the phrase again.

    I was also impressed with her quick and clearly heartfelt apology for using the phrase to everyone and, directly to Michael DeFusco. We rarely see such ownership of blunders.

    We're all human and not one of us hasn't misspoken. I think this was a teaching moment of everyone, not just Irene. Look how much unnecessary energy is invested in a "gotcha" moment despite her apologetic and immediate response trying to correct the error yet the flogging continued.

  9. At best it was, as Irene has explained, an unintended mistake. At worst, it was a stupid joke, particularly stupid given Irene's status as a school board trustee. Stupid is not the same as bigoted or hateful.

    Ascribing bigoted or hateful meaning to every stupid joke is stupid, particularly when the person in question has lots of history of doing good and no history of anything bigoted or hateful.

    But sadly, that's the standard that is often imposed and that has in some cases become official policy. Finding offense where none is meant doesn't reduce offensiveness. It gives cover to the true offenders by lumping them in with well meaning people who may sometimes cross someone else's ofensiveness line.

    It can be slippery slope but life is complicated and slippery slopes are part of life. Imposing an arbitrary absolute standard of what its OK to ever say or joke about doesn't make the slope go away, it just takes away the ability to make rational judgment calls.

    Like all stupid standards we chafe at applying it when doing so leads to the inevitable stupid result of making us condemn good people who we know should not be condemned (like Biden and Irene). This makes those who defend the absurd absolute standard but then twist themselves into knots trying to avoid stupid results look like hypocrites.

    An apology is all the "offense" warranted, and Councilman DeFusco did the right thing graciously accepting the apology that was immediately offered. Having a standard of behavior that opens the door for someone like Madigan to present himself as the voice of moral outrage says it all about the need for a more sensible approach to these kinds of issues.

    1. Intelligence and logic are wasted on political partisans with an agenda, like those behind last nights resolution. Nice try, tho.


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