Hello, Russia

It's not enough the Russkies have invaded DNC email servers to elect a corrupt Cheetocrat, they appear to be invading this blog!   It's true!

GA was shocked to discover that 10% of my U.S. traffic last week came from.... Russia.

That is strange.  To put it in perspective, Russia accounted for 2% of my U.S. traffic last month. 

Even 2% is a lot.

That is double Germany, my second-most frequent foreign visitor, which accounted for 0.9% of U.S. traffic last week.

The noticeable uptick in traffic from Russia is a recent phenomenon. This is a local blog, after all.

What got their interest?  This?


Translation: Make America great again!

Who knows?  Everybody, wave to Russia!


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I would assume most people are using TOR to visit your site since they know you track ISP addreses.

    1. My bubble? These are Blogger(GOOGLE) stats. Obviously, Google doesn't track the Dark Web. The representation I make here is based on what is "seeable" and knowable. Based in that, the uptick to 10% of U.S. traffic logged by GOOGLE is YUGE. Really, YUGE. If you don't agree, that is SAD. Very, very SAD.

    2. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, anon@2:31, but I would assume most people have no idea what TOR is or how to use it, LOL!

    3. 2:31 is a drama queen. tor is for big time anonymity. any idiot can hide his ip. you use tor for applications like buying drugs on the dark web and being a journalist in a police state. not for making snarky comments on a little blog in hoboken. nsf figures the usa at about 50 tor users per 100k. but yeah, all of that is because this site checks to see if you came in from north bergen.

    4. TOR is the "Dark Web"- it provides anonymity and conceals your IP, but there are rules to using it correctly. It's a free download- I have it, don't use it. I can't imagine why anyone would bother using it to come here, seems stupid.

  2. http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2014/01/no-visitor-log-or-meter-is-100-accurate.html

    1. Yep. That's true. I've used more than one. From my experience, Google's tracker is the most sensitive. It's very good to assess trends- highs and lows, general information. But people/ bots can always come in unseen.

  3. A big, B-I-G big, bigly, biglier, bigliest article in one of the RELIABLE news sources says it all!!!! I don't remember if it was BreitbartSimpson or PunditPorno!!!!! It was definitely one of the REPUTIBLE middle-aged cracker sausage party sites though - fer sher!!!!!

    They said, and I quote, You know you can trust Putin because his critics are committing suicide at such an alarming rate!!!!

    Hard to argue!!!! Fake news!!!! SAD!!!! The cover-up is worse than the crime!!!!



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